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How To Stay Competitive in Business – and Win.

How to stay competitive in business is all about you. Nothing else.Thought and mindset are the winning formula, and the only winning formula in todays business world. Thought is the preamble to everything and your ability to originate thought and mentally move in a thought filled world is your guarantee of a winning life. Your …

Imagination – Our Greatest Gift.

The greatest gift we have ever been given is the gift of our imagination. My imagination is mine to be able to do anything I want with. I can put anything in there. Nobody can tell me what can be there or what can’t be there. “Imagination” is one of those words that inspire us. …

Fear is Not Real.

Most people are past masters at self sabotage. We have been so well programmed with habits or paradigms we cope with everything the same way each time something happens. This prevents personal growth and achievement. Fear is no exception. We have to learn to be continually aware of self-improvement and growth. This allows us to …

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