Ways to Save Your Marriage

When you first get married, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to think that something as mundane as housework could ever destroy the love between you and your beloved, right? But unfortunately, the sad reality is that the way couples manage household tasks has a MASSIVE impact on their marriage satisfaction and their overall well being.

How to Communicate Better with Your Spouse

A step which is absolutely VITAL in your efforts to save any marriage – is how to control your reactions to your spouse. The fact is that you can’t control your spouse’s behavior. But you can control your REACTIONS to your spouse’s behavior. And if these reactions change for the better, the outcomes will also […]

How to Keep Passion in a Relationship

How to Keep Passion in a Relationship? One of the most common questions asked is what spouses should do when they feel that there is no ‘passion’, ‘chemistry’, or ‘spark’ left in their marriage. At this point, couples are usually reporting a large decline in their sex life, a lack of physical affection, and general […]

Online Therapy and Support

We all need help from time to time. Many people have great support networks or family members that can help them through the sad and bad times, but what if you don’t? Or what if you have things you are ashamed of and don’t want other people to know – how do you manage the […]