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Adaptive Immunity Course – Product Review.

Adaptive Immunity Course – Product Review.

Looking for ways to boost your immunity and strengthen yourself against infections? Adaptive Immunity – Power training for your immune system has got you covered! Adaptive Immunity is the big sister and more detailed than the younger Immune Boost course.

Fortunately, there are ways by which you can train, activate and strengthen your Immune System for a lifetime. The way we are talking about is learning how it works and acting accordingly.

In this article, we’ll discuss each and everything about this course, from what it includes, what are its benefits, how it can help you and other important things. This article can change your life and health, so make sure to read it till the end!

What Is The Adaptive Immunity Training – Course Overview.

This course is designed to neurologically train your Immune System. Strengthening its response to the challenging environments.

In simple words, this course aims at strengthening you against infections.

Adaptive Immunity training is based on the principle of neurology. That means it uses the nervous system to wake up your Immune System. This training literally builds new neural pathways specifically for your Immune System.

The course includes different modules each focused on a different aspect of the immune system and each presented as a step-by-step training process, that is simple to understand, follow and do on yourself.

Adaptive Immunity starts out by explaining how a human Immune System works and then the modules offer simple training to improve its functioning.

Presented in a multimedia format the training is presented in the form of online lectures, practical demonstrations, A quick reference guide, e-books, live sessions, and Q &A’s. Further, you’ll be guided by well-known health experts and guest speakers.

Adaptive Immunity is a highly educational neurological training course launched by the well-known company Neurological Networks. This course is designed to teach you how to improve your Immune System response to the changing environment. In simple words, this course aims at safeguarding you from various harmful viruses, parasites, bacteria and fungi.

Why Should You Enroll For Adaptive Immunity?

If you don’t already know, the human Immune System is built when it comes in contact with the triggers or stimulants such as dust, germs, bacteria, and impure air. When it familiarizes with these environmental factors, it learns how to respond to them. But, today we are staying in homes and avoiding coming in contact with the changing environment. And because of this, our immune system is getting weaker day by day. The reason is simple, it doesn’t know how to deal with the changing environment. Thereby, making us prone to fall prey to numerous infections and diseases.

At this juncture, Adaptive Immunity Training comes to our rescue. This course is beneficial for each and every individual as it teaches you to build powerful immune responses to the rapidly changing environment around you.

Neurological Networks calls this training a health investment, and there is absolutely no doubt in it. By taking this course, you’ll not only improve your health but also the health of your loved ones.

Who is Behind Neurological Networks.


Andrew Verity is an acknowledged international author, researcher, and CEO of Neuro-Training and Director in the Government recognized College of Neuro-Training. He has been involved with the research and development of the principles of health modalities that have been proven to work efficiently. Andrew has authored over 38 workshop and training manuals which make up the body of work from which Neuro-Training developed. His diplomas and advanced training are taught in Neuro-Training Colleges in Europe, South Africa, Asia, the USA, and Australia.

Andrew established the largest Kinesiology clinic in the southern hemisphere and his reputation as a leader in the field of Kinesiology work continues to spread throughout the world today, and so he continues to work extensively as a consultant, adviser, and researcher while managing his busy teaching schedule throughout the world.

His passion is to integrate the principles of human sciences into a working model that can be taught to anyone to help themselves. Along with his partner and friend Robert Sher, they created Neurological networks P/L, designed to bring his over 38 courses and combined 70 years of clinical experience online so everyone can learn how to create their own personal Power.

A brand new approach in the health industry.

This training delivers value that can’t be replaced by simply popping a vitamin pill. It activates your own internal ability to overcome immune challenges, making you truly powerful. Adaptive Immunity uses a brand new methodology that has been researched and shown to be able to change how we function. And in a way that makes the immune system more adaptive and effective.

Adaptive Immunity Course – What You’ll Learn?

As well as all the Immune Boost modules which include:

  • Immune on
  • Immune System
  • Virus System
  • Liver and Kupffer Filtration System
  • Spleen and Lung Immune Systems

Some of the modules included in the Adaptive Immunity course :

Toxins and Free Radicals

The breakdown products from Immune System activity can be both prolific and damaging. In many cases the toxicity created by an infectious agent is worse than the agent itself.

This protocol has a secondary gain for you in that using this protocol after each other protocol will train the Nervous System to eliminate toxins more frequently and more efficiently.

Certain types of toxins called Free Radicals, need a slightly different approach to eliminate them so we have for you the Free Radicals Protocol. These two work together and may be needed to assist each other after doing the other protocols.

Fluids and the Lymph Fluids

All toxins leave our body via fluids of various types. The two main types the Immune System uses is the general Fluids and the Lymph Fluids. You have these two protocols now to flush out the toxins but also to bring new nutrients to tissues that were starved before.


Of course, one of the most common infections we have to deal with is Bacterial. I am sure you will be happy to know there is a protocol for changing how bacteria work inside us.

Yeast – Fungus

Perhaps the least understood of the infectious world is that of Yeast and Fungi. They are a little more robust than bacteria and may take longer to eradicate but its worth the effort.


Mould is a very tenacious opportunist and once it has a hold of an area of your body it likes, it’s very difficult to remove. Different moulds have different biological activities that affect you in a positive or negative way. Unfortunately they are mostly negative.


How Moulds get around is to produce seeds that latch onto wet or damp surfaces, make attachments there and start to grow. They can easily upset the functions of the tissues they are attached to but more so grow into unwanted moulds, fungi and yeasts that cause havoc for the Immune System. This protocol is set up to take care of both these nasties.

Bone Marrow

A mostly overlooked component of the Immune System is the function of the Bone Marrow to produce cells necessary for immune function. These cells vary in their structure and therefore ability but are necessary for the continued support of the Immune System when it is under extra load or demand.


The Thymus is a mediator of response between the Hypothalamus and the Immune System. It is also responsible for training the cells created in the bone marrow to know what their role is. Quite a fascinating partnership develops between the Bone Marrow and the Thymus but as time goes on, stress increases and suppression from chemicals increase, the Thymus looses touch and needs to be woken up again. That’s why we have this Thymus Protocol.


Eventually we are all confronted with the effect of parasites. If not the creature form in the parts of the intestine or body, we will be confronted with the human form. The result is similar. Even though parasites are not connected to out Nervous System, we do still monitor their effect as much as we can. This protocol makes sure the monitoring is kept at a high functional level. Then we can change the internal environment and they leave, one way or another!

As well as two bonus modules:

Bonus 1 – Pain

If you suffer from recurring pain this protocol may be the best thing you ever did. Its one of the basic protocols but has the amazing quality of removing pain from the body tissues.

If you follow the protocol as described in this bonus you can experiment with all types of pain in local areas.

Bonus 2 – Electromagnetics

Many people are concerned about the advent of higher intensity electromagnetic radiation affecting their health. This protocol is how to stimulate and strengthen your internal monitoring and responses to electromagnetic radiation. It will not stop you from being exposed to radiation but it will train your Nervous System to learn how to recuperate from its effect. The more regularly you do this protocol the faster you will become resistant to its damaging effects.

You have extensions of application for this in the How To videos.

The Adaptive Immunity – Course Format.

Adaptive Immunity Course

The Adaptive Immunity Course is presented as a multimedia course.

Here is what the format looks like :

Online Lectures – First of all, you’ll learn from high-quality video lectures. These videos will be available all the time, so you can watch them whenever you want. Covering simple to understand Immune system theory.

Practical Demonstrations – Each module have ‘How To’ videos so you can see and practice doing the modules. Watch the practice videos and the technical explanations in the lectures and you can’t go wrong.

Immune Boost Manual – Access all the Immune Boost theory and practical modules using the easy-to-navigate online manual. Complete with full practical explanations as well as detailed images. This is the ideal supplement to the lectures and demonstrations. Perfect for quick access to all the Immune Boost material from mobile devices or when you just need a quick reminder.

Adaptive Immunity Live – Expert Mentorship on Demand – Use our in-house live platform to book live sessions with our keynote speaker and Immune System experts as well as brilliant guests. Our regular live video presentations cover both Immune Boost and Adaptive Immunity as well as related topics. And do not worry if you miss a live lecture, they will all be recorded and made available online.

Quick Reference Guide – Perfect for when you need a quick reminder of how to do the protocols – short summary of the process with pictures to highlight all the necessary information. Ideal for your mobile devices.

Adaptive Immunity Challenge Cards – Break Down the Old, Bad Habits – Use the Protocol Challenge Cards to get the greatest results from the neurological protocols. This simple apply the process of Challenging the Neurological Protocols is a brand-new way of breaking down old limiting habitual responses. You will have access to the complete set of Adaptive Immunity Challenge Cards, giving you the enormous scope of Neurological Influence and extending the efficiency of the whole process. It is like building a completely new Immune Response System.

The course includes Card 1 – Acute Nerve Response Activity, Card 2 Nerve structural Integration, and Card 3 Chemistry Nerve Integration, with cards 4 – 6 as optional extras.

The Adaptive Immunity Training – Pros and Cons.


  • Easy to understand
  • Detailed explanations
  • Provided by experts
  • On-demand live sessions
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Neurological Network proprietary Challenge Cards


  • Slightly expensive but covers both their Immune Boost & Adaptive Immunity Course so you are really getting 2 courses in 1.

Adaptive Immunity Training – Cost.

The Adaptive Immunity Training comes at a cost of $447 which includes access to their live portal as well as 3 Challenge cards. Also if you have already purchased Immune Boost, you only pay the difference if you want to upgrade. Neurological Networks also offer a 1 month 100% money back guarantee so you don’t have to take any risk.

So, in our opinion, it’s a deal to grab.

Final Words.

Adaptive Immunity Course

The Neurological Networks’ Adaptive Immunity Training is a great investment because it offers you an opportunity to learn and understand your Immune System. It helps you to strengthen and boost your immunity to help keep your and your loved ones safe and healthy. The knowledge and valuable guidance Andrew and his team provide are really impressive. It’s much better than spending thousands of dollars on treatments and medication.

AND as thanks for your ongoing support, I am pleased to announce a special discount code “club success”. Use this code at the checkout for a discount on the course.


Have a Great Day.



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