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An Inward Journey. Are you Ready for Change?

An Inward Journey.

Are you truly ready for a change? Because if you are open and eager to change the way you think, feel, and believe – the path to transformation is real. Dag Hammarskjold – a Swedish diplomat, economist, Secretary-General of the United Nations, and Nobel Peace Prize recipient-had been concerned with spirituality and meaning throughout his entire life. After his death in 1961, his journal, voqmarken (“Markings”), was published. In it, Hammarskjold reflected that the longest journey is the journey inwards.”

That inward journey is personal development, and as Hammarskjold implies, it should last a lifetime. There must be a desire for you to pursue that journey – the longest, yet most fulfilling of your life – and discover awakening, empowerment, and significant transformation along the way.

Personal Development.

Beginning on the path of personal development isn’t always easy. It will require that you look in the mirror longer and harder than you ever have before. You need to discover your personal power. The more you recognize and understand your innate power, the stronger your ability to direct your life where you want it to go.

Personal development encompasses many facets of life, and we are all unique in our personality, gifts, and interests. There is a need to establish some clear foundations to help you take an in-depth look inward as you begin your unique journey. There is a further need to identify and break free of negative mental programming, to act from inspiration, and to harness the power of the mind to transform your life. These concepts as a foundation for your personal growth, will empower you to create the life you desire.

The Universe.

People around the world have diverse beliefs about the higher power that created us and the world that we live in. There is a myriad of different names it has been given. Many use the term God, The Divine, Spirit, Source Energy, just to name a few. I will use a universal term, the Universe, with a capital U.

The Universe is governed by laws that bring order to chaos. Several of these laws work in concert to create a phenomenon that has become commonly known as the Law of Attraction. This law is based on scientific evidence in the field of quantum physics that demonstrates like energy attracts like energy, or like attracts like.

Do you perceive the Universe as benevolent (serving and charitable) or malevolent (hostile and vengeful)? How you perceive the Universe, or life in general, has a significant impact on your alignment to what you desire and ultimately experience in life. As with everything, your alignment with it has much to do about how you perceive and feel about it.

It is important to operate under a timeless perspective of co-creation with the Universe. If you have never held any spiritual beliefs, this may come as a surprise to you, but inspiration is not a one – way conversation. It isn’t as simple as things popping into your head at random, and you make them happen.

For example, have you ever had an idea for a book, product, or project but failed to act on it? Perhaps you’ve considered writing a book about a subject you’re passionate about. Or maybe you’ve had invention ideas that could significantly impact the world. Perhaps you’ve had an idea for a new children’s toy or an invention that would improve a process or solve a problem. You got very excited about it, but did you act on that idea? If you didn’t move on it, what stopped you from doing so?


All creation occurs between you and the Universe. These can be summarized in the following three steps:

  1. The Universe is continually receiving requests and sending inspiration. Once your intention is made known, tune into and listen for inspiration which can come in many forms such as: ideas, insights, inspired thoughts.
  2. This communication is being filtered through your belief system, which causes you to take a specific set of actions or take no actions at all.
  3. Your creation (whatever it is that you do or make) is the result of how you act on steps one and two. How you read or interpret your creation is also based on your belief system.

When you receive inspiration about creating a new product, that insight you received comes to you as a gift from the Universe. But often when you think about such ideas, conditioned limiting beliefs cause you to doubt and make judgments about them.


These judgments and doubts create the thoughts and feelings that stop you from acting. Your mental filter is imposed on them (perspective), telling yourself things like, “I wouldn’t know how to pull that off,” or “Where would I get the money?” or “Surely someone else has already thought of that.” As a result, you block inspiration and feel resistant or unmotivated to act.

Later, you might notice that someone else created the product. This happens all the time. In the words of best-selling author Joe Vitale, “The Universe likes speed!” Inspiration is continually flowing forth from the Universe, and if you choose to ignore it, or procrastinate acting on it, it won’t wait for you. It is up to us to tune into inspiration, quickly act on it, and thus, in a sense, co-create with the Universe.

There are even broader applications to the way the Universe works that extend beyond innovation and creativity. In fact, in any area of your life in which you desire help or guidance, the benevolent Universe is listening. You are like a beacon sending out a signal, and the Universe responds in like kind. But again, your conditioned self-limiting beliefs often get in the

way. For example, you may ask the Universe to help you to find your ideal mate. The Universe nudges you to join a group where you could meet that perfect person. However, you talk yourself out of it by telling yourself things like, “But I’ve joined that group before” or, “No one will ever want me because … [fill in the blank].”

The intelligent Universe is conspiring for you, but your beliefs may cause you to push away, or even subconsciously reject the support. If we talk ourselves out of acting on inspiration or refuse to be open to exploring new opportunities and experiences, you may forever remain stuck and never experience the incredible rewards of personal growth.




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