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Are You Ready to Change?

To achieve change you must fully realize why you deserve to live a life you love living.  This comes when you shift your perception of yourself and improve your self-image. The best way to improve your self-image is to release patterns of thinking or behavior that are not in harmony with the life you want to live.  Most of us have limiting perceptions of ourselves that create a sense of doubt in our life. However we have access to the mind of the infinite where there are no limitations. We can release our uncomfortable paradigms, feel positive change, making all things possible.

Paradigms are a multitude of habits of thought and behavior. They are habits that make positive change feel uncomfortable and fears that say we might fail. All of us have paradigms that are limiting. These are the ones that keep us in our comfort zone. When we seek growth and change, paradigms are past masters at keeping us where we are, through previous failures, ingrained beliefs about our potential or improper use of our imagination.

In order to overcome these limiting paradigms we need to grow a larger sense of deserving for our dream. This sense of deserving comes from the infinite potential that is within each of us. Identifying this potential is how we shift our sense of self from the past to our higher self who we truly can become.

Sometimes our true potential is hard to accept. Acceptance however allows you to move confidently through the process of building your dream. The universal power is abundant and without limitation and you are one with this universal power, presence and mind.

Often we hold onto experiences that are connected to resentment, anger and guilt. It may be difficult to let these grudges go because of time and pain. It takes far more effort to let go of something than it does to pick something new up. To live the life you want to, it is necessary to let these go.

Here are some exercises to prepare for change. There are no right answers. Only your answers.

  • Write out why you believe all things are possible for your life.
  • Write out past experiences that you need to discard.
  • Write out thought patterns or behaviors that are in conflict with the life you would like to live.

John Homer Miller said. “your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.”

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7 Responses

  1. This really resonated with me and I actually feel like I needed to hear (or see…) this today!

    I’m a firm believer in the principles you outlined here. We can tap into infinite intelligence if we allow ourselves to see past our limiting believes. But for some reason, I’ve been feeling a bit negative for a couple of days. I was feeling downright pessimistic this morning.

    I guess I’m just a bit tired and stressed but this is no excuse to let negative feelings take hold of my psyche. I feel like anger, resentment, inferiority, etc. negative feelings are an old friend that are calling me to hang out with them. Like they want to comfort me. I know this is a lie, but as you said, it’s harder to let things go than to pick something new up.

    Thanks for this, I needed it!

    1. Thanks Jukka. Appreciate your honesty. I don’t know you but I already feel you are good person. We all have ups and downs. Go get them. Have a great weekend.
      Many thanks.

  2. Hi, Stephen,

    I totally agree with what you have put together here in your post.

    The way we think determines the results that we are going to get.

    Not by accident famous Henry Ford once said: “Whether You Think You Can or Think You Can’t, You are Right”.

    It all comes to our capability to make that important shift in our minds, and we are so much closer to our dreams.

    I think the way how we think about ourselves is to some extent injected in our subconsciousness by our parents.

    If they are making a habit from saying to a little girl or boy how smart and clever and beautiful he/she is, it’s no way for these kids to think otherwise about themselves.

    And there is much more probability that these kids will end up being very successful in their lives.

    Still, in some cases, there are exceptions from this, and even if parents were constantly expressing their love and adoration to their kids, things didn’t work out so well for them.

    Do you have any other thoughts about what other things could lead to our self-understanding and self-assessment?

    Best Wishes,

  3. Hi Natalie. Everything is what it is. We have to learn not to judge. We have to learn to respond not react. In doing this we look only for the good in everything. Our response should only be based on ” will it help me achieve my main goal.” If it will achieve continue with it. If it won’t, discard it.
    The action above will help with self understanding and self assessment because you will have to overcome each old paradigm to achieve your desired result. If you always ask why am I not doing this, and be honest, it is a perfect self assessment Hope this helps.

  4. Thanks for the great insights here Stephen. I totally agree that one of the hardest things is to let go of past experiences which can so often shape our present. Recognising that we are not our past and all we have is the present moment I feel is key – and it is in the present moment we can shape our future.
    Thanks again Stephen,

  5. HI Stephen, thanks for this amazing post. My last decade started out awfully. I lost my mom, was homeless, was used by older siblings, lost a child, gained over 100 Lbs, trusted the wrong people, ruined my credit, and almost lost my life. I’ll tell you that my life got so bad that even some church members gave up on me. But by the grace of God, I was able to give my life to Christ (not the Church) and then my life began to slowly change. However, I realized that there were some changes in my life that I had to make happen. I’ll tell you that making a change is NOT easy. Especially when it comes to letting go of all the anger and guilt. However, I thank God for my children because they give me the strength to work harder because I know that change can only start with me. God always helps by giving strength, but He also wants us to work at it. I love your post and your entire site. There’s so much positivity and I really need that.

  6. Hi Stephen,
    Great article that really required me to do some thinking. I especially like ” John Homer Miller said. “your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life;”
    This is an awesome quote and something I will pay more attention to.

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