Parenting in a Pandemic. Michael Larson.

Today we are joined by Michael Larson who heads up My Life Upgrade.   Parenting was always hard, now it is even harder. Here are some tips to make it easier:   First off, as a parent, I need to tell you something especially important. It is okay, to not be okay! Nobody signed up […]

Great Parenting. My Life Upgrade. Product Review.

GREAT PARENTING If you wish you had been given a manual on how to deal with life’s difficulties, such as relationships, parenting, romance, etc., then join the rest of the planet. My Life Upgrade can’t promise to help you with everything, but can promise to help you with great parenting. After all, today’s children are […]

On Rehabbing

Today we have a guest blog from Richard King. On Rehabbing… bionicOldGuy  My Story, Uncategorized  January 18, 2019 Bouncing back after major surgery is challenging because your fitness can decline considerably. Whatever condition you just got fixed can limit your activities leading into surgery, then you are flat on your back for at least a couple of days, […]

Is Pastrami Healthy?

Today we are joined by C.C.Charles as guest blogger. Is Pastrami Healthy? Post author By C. C. Charles Post date December 13, 2020 1 Commenton Is Pastrami Healthy? Pastrami is a lean meat product made from beef brisket, lamb or turkey. Some common questions asked about pastrami include: what is pastrami? is pastrami healthy? how can I prepare […]

Treatment for Anxiety and Panic Attack

If you have suffered with anxiety or panic attacks, then no doubt you will have tried many different ways and therapies to overcome it. In fact, this might be the very reason you are here today searching for a cure. Well, search no more as Panic Away has already helped thousands of people since 2001 […]

Ways to Save Your Marriage

When you first get married, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to think that something as mundane as housework could ever destroy the love between you and your beloved, right? But unfortunately, the sad reality is that the way couples manage household tasks has a MASSIVE impact on their marriage satisfaction and their overall well being.

How to Communicate Better with Your Spouse

A step which is absolutely VITAL in your efforts to save any marriage – is how to control your reactions to your spouse. The fact is that you can’t control your spouse’s behavior. But you can control your REACTIONS to your spouse’s behavior. And if these reactions change for the better, the outcomes will also […]

How to Keep Passion in a Relationship

One of the most common questions asked is what spouses should do when they feel that there is no ‘passion’, ‘chemistry’, or ‘spark’ left in their marriage. At this point, couples are usually reporting a large decline in their sex life, a lack of physical affection, and general feelings of not being ‘in love’ anymore.

Online Therapy and Support

We all need help from time to time. Many people have great support networks or family members that can help them through the sad and bad times, but what if you don’t? Or what if you have things you are ashamed of and don’t want other people to know – how do you manage the […]

Affiliate Opportunity.

What Is Clickbank? If you have looked at working from home or making a living online you will probably have heard of Clickbank. If this is your first dive into working from home, then you may not know it exists. Clickbank has been around since 1998, so it has a solid foundation. Clickbank is an […]