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Balance of Nature Health Supplements – Product Review.

balance of nature reviewsBalance of Nature Reviews Health Supplements – Product Review.

The Goodness of Fruits and Vegetables In A Bottle!

Balance of Nature Reviews products are gaining enormous popularity in the market. But are they worth all the hype? Do they really work and should you buy them? We have the answers!

These days, people are focusing more on becoming productive and less on their health. Most of us fail to take care of our body due to our busy schedules and hectic work life. And this is the main reason why people are falling prey to numerous health problems. Improper diet, lack of sleep and sedentary lifestyle are the primary reason behind the poor health of individuals. Owing to these issues, most people start relying on multivitamins and other chemically-rich health supplements making their health conditions even worse.

Because most commercial health supplements are prepared from heavy chemicals and drugs, they tend to damage our inner organs such as the liver and kidney if taken for prolonged periods. This where we feel the need for health supplements that are natural and safe for our bodies. Fortunately, there are some companies that are manufacturing 100% natural health supplements that are safe for your body and mind. In this article, we are going to introduce one such promising brand that has been rated as one of the best health supplement brands in the US – Balance of Nature.balance of nature reviews

About The Brand – What Is Balance of Nature.

Balance of Nature is a US-based health and wellness brand that was established in 1990 by Dr Douglas Howard. The company specializes in its 100% Pure and natural whole food supplements. Their product line-up includes Fruit and vegetable capsules as well as a health drink known as Balance of Nature Fiber and Spice. The company has its head office in Southern Utah and uses all-natural high-quality produce for manufacturing their products. Their health supplements are free from any chemicals, preservatives and any toxic compounds. Just pure fruit and vegetable extracts.

Balance of Nature DOES Not claim to cure your disease, disorders and any other health problems. Instead, they create products that are packed with nutrients that can help you to nourish your body and combat those diseases.

Balance of Nature Health Supplements.

We have discussed enough about the company and the background, now let’s move on to the most important part, their best products! Balance of Nature’s product collection includes mainly three health products :

  • Balance of Nature Fruit
  • Balance of Nature Veggie
  • Balance of Nature Fiber & Spice

Let’s discuss each of these in detail.

Balance Of Nature Fruit & Veggie Capsules.

Some people call these fruit and vegetable capsules multivitamins, but they’re not multivitamins. Instead, these are health supplements that are packed with vegetables and fruits. Balance of Nature uses a unique process of flash drying the natural fresh fruits and vegetables and then putting these dried items in capsules. Using this flash drying system, they are able to encapsulate 10 daily servings of vegetables and fruits into 6 edible capsules.

Balance of Nature Fruits.This supplement will offer you 10 servings of the healthiest fruits in the form of tiny capsules. These fruit capsules are made using 16 whole fruits including apple, aloe vera, banana, cherry, blueberry, cranberry, mango, orange, grape, lemon, raspberry, tomato, strawberry, grapefruit, pineapple and papaya. Each fruit capsule bottle comes with a total of 90 tiny capsules. As per the instructions, you are advised to take 3 capsules daily with a glass of water. This also means that each bottle will last for 1 month.

How To Use:
You can normally swallow these capsules using water or juice after your meals. Further, you can also open these capsules and add the ingredients into your foods and beverages like salad, soups, and juices.

Balance Of Nature Veggies.

Balance of Nature Veggie capsules are made using 15 different types of nutrient-dense vegetables including – carrot, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, garlic, onion, soybean, spinach, shiitake, wheat grass, zucchini, yam, celery, and cayenne pepper. These 90 capsules are again packed into a bottle which will last you for 1 month when you take 3 capsules per day.

How To Use: Simply swallow these veggie capsules normally with a glass after your meals. You can also open them up and add the contents to your soups, salads and juices.

Balance Of Nature Fiber And Spice.balance of nature reviews

The next Balance of Nature product is their bestseller – Fiber and Spice. It is basically a health drink that is packed with the goodness of fiber-rich fruits, vegetables, seeds and spices. The main ingredients of this natural health drink include whole apple, psyllium husk, flax seeds and 12 spices. Species in this blend include cinnamon, cardamom, allspice, black pepper, clove, fenugreek, cumin, ginger, coriander seeds, nutmeg, turmeric, mustard seeds and fennel seeds.

This drink helps in eliminating abdominal problems such as gas, bloating, constipation and irregular bowel movements. If you’re dealing with gut-related problems, then this product can be your holy grail!

How To Use:
They suggest you take 2 heaped tablespoons of this powder mixed in a glass of plain water. But just like the capsules, you can also add them to your juices, smoothies, shakes or any other food item.

Balance of Nature Health Supplements Benefits.

1] No GMO, Added Sugar, Gluten, Artificial Flavor, Preservatives, Fillers.

Balance of Nature health products are 100% natural. They don’t have any added sugar, GMO, chemicals, synthetics and most importantly NO FILLERS. This means you’re getting a pure daily dose of vitamins, minerals, fiber and powerful antioxidants.

2] Boost Your Energy Levels.

The natural ingredients of these supplements help you to relax your body and mind by providing the necessary nutrition. You’ll feel more active and less tired.

3] Easy To Use.

These health supplements are super easy to use. All you need to do is take 6 capsules throughout the day to complete your daily nutrition requirements. You can either swallow them as other capsules or add the contents to your food items.

4] Boost Immunity.

Balance of Nature health products are packed with powerful antioxidants that help you to fight a variety of bacteria and viruses.

5] Regulate Bowel Movements.

The Balance of Nature Fiber and Spice drink is simply amazing. It helps in dealing with a variety of gut-related problems such as diarrhea, constipation, gas, acidity, indigestion and bloating. After drinking it regularly, you’ll feel more active, light and happy.

6] Safe For All Ages.

The best part about the Balance of Nature health products is that they are completely safe for everyone. You can even give them to your kids who are picky eaters and run away from veggies and fruits. In fact, many parents sneakily add them to the foods of their children. Wink-Wink!

7] Available On Great Discounts.

The cost of Balance of Nature health products may seem overwhelming at first but if you purchase them with a membership plan, you’ll get heavy discounts. In this way, your supplements will arrive at your doorstep every month and thus, you can save yourself from the hassle of placing orders every month.

Balance Of Nature Health Products Cost.

balance of nature reviews

On their official website, these products are available in three options :

1] Balance of Nature Whole Health System.

This is the value saver pack that combines all the products into one pack. This means you’ll get one Fiber and Spice bottle, one bottle of Fruit Capsules and one bottle of Veggie Capsules. This pack is available at $159. However, you can save $40 by purchasing on a subscription basis.

2] Balance of Nature Fruits and Veggies.

With this pack, you’ll get one bottle each of fruit capsules and Veggie capsules. It is priced at $89.95 but on a subscription basis, it is available at $69.95.

3] Balance of Nature Fiber and Spice.

This is a single pack of Fiber and spice health drink. For one-time users, it is priced at $69.95 but for members, it is there for just $49.95.

As you can see, the Whole Health System is the most value saving pack as you can use all three products at a heavy discount. To save even more, we suggest purchasing these products on a subscription basis. This way, you’ll receive the product every month at heavy discounts, plus you don’t have to order again and again.

The good thing is, there is a contract with terms and conditions that say you’re bound to be their member. However, you can cancel or pause the membership anytime you want.

Are There Any Side Effects?

We have researched these health products in depth and also talked with some regular users. Fortunately, we haven’t found any side-effects that are caused by the Balance of Nature health products. The main reason behind this is, these are free from chemicals and synthetic compounds. So, they’re safe to use for all ages. The only issue we’ve come across is that some people find the taste of these supplements to be unpleasant. But that’s not a major issue, you can easily deal with it. They are not your regular flavoring agents and treats. Instead, they are designed to boost your health, so taste is not important.

Should You Buy Balance of Nature Products?

balance of nature reviews

Well, there is absolutely no reason to say no to these supplements. They are healthy, safe and serve amazing benefits without causing any side effects. So, it’s a big YES from our side. So, what are you waiting for? Get these natural health supplements and ensure a great health for life!


Have a Great Day,


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