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Beat the Market Analyzer – Grant Gigliotti – Product Review.

What is Beat the Market Analyzer?

This program cuts down on the work that comes with stock investing. Beat the Market Analyzer delivers to your inbox over 10,000+ analysed stocks on weekly basis.

The program sources this information based on a 100% legitimate facts and stocks that have been weighed equally against one another. The product simplifies this further by sorting out companies based on how good or bad they do in the market; the riskiest companies at the bottom and the crème companies at the top.

This program eliminates all the unnecessary inconveniences that come by from analyzing less worthwhile stocks. This saves both time and money because most of it is vested in choosing your investments from only the top rated companies.

Grant Gigliotti

Grant Gigiliotti is the man behind Beat the Market Analyzer. He made a resolve to make for his family passive income that would sustain them into the future. Grant started off his desire by investing.

Grant is mentored by the common sense investing protocols of Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett. His objective is to simplify stock investment further.

Grant admits at first he was confused with the whole concept of stock investing. He was rescued by 3 good books that gave him a more in-depth understanding about stock-investing. They are:

  • The Buffettology Series
  • The Warren Buffet Way
  • The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

Grant liked the simple common sense approach that they all used. He started applying the techniques and they began to show solid returns from just replicating the strategies that his two mentors used to analyze stocks.

He spent almost every day for 8 months working on a spreadsheet to analyze the stocks so that he no longer had to do it manually. The spreadsheet worked very well and it was consistent. He found that he was able to Beat the Market or beat the S&P 500 over 85% of the time. He is pleased with the results of the analyzer and the realization that stock investing doesn’t have to be complicated. He strongly believes that if you use common sense and practical strategies of successful investors like Buffett, you can consistently beat the stock market and definitely do better than money managers who charge expensive fees and consistently fail to beat the market over 70% of the time.

Grant delivers on a regular basis feedback on the performance of his own portfolio. He further guides you down useful pricing information on the stocks that he sells and buys so that you can make an assessment of his common sense approach to stock investing.

How does this program work?

The biggest problem that most beginners face when investing in stocks is that they don’t know where to start. There is so much to learn that it’s overwhelming. Some beginners use stock trading software to prevent making huge errors in judgment that will result in financial losses.

Picking the right stocks requires a ton of research of past and present data. Just analyzing one stock can take quite a while. Most people just don’t bother with this crucial research and buy stocks based on their whims and fancies. This is why the majority of people who dabble in the stock market see losses or minimal gains. By having a spreadsheet of completely analyzed stocks that’s done for you, you’ll reduce all the time consuming tasks involved in picking out reliable stocks.

The BTMA Wealth Builders Club by Grant Gigliotti promises you just that. You receive a list of 1000+ completely analyzed stocks that will be sent to your email inbox every week. All you need to do is then pick a stock from the list and research it further to see if it’s worth your time. This time saving benefit of the Wealth Builders Club is one of its biggest advantages.

The BTMA Investment products provide a system that is rigorous and proven and has in-built safety margins. The program makes the Investment Learning process more disintegrated through:

  • The Wealth Builders Club
  • Stock Spreadsheet

Let’s analyze this membership in greater detail and see if it’s worth your money. Just like anything, it has pros and cons. So it’s good to be aware of both to make an informed decision.

The Pros:

1) The biggest advantage of joining the BTMA Wealth Club is the simplicity that comes with it. Mountains of data have been crunched to generate a list of stocks that are ranked in order of value. All you need to do is look at these stocks instead of spending hours poring over annual reports just to narrow down your list. The key to succeeding in the stock market is to pick the right stocks and the list of 1000+ stocks that you receive every week helps you to focus on the possible winning stocks.

2) Facts and cold, hard data are way better than insider tips and decisions based on emotions. The analysis of the stocks is 100% based on fact. The stocks are compared with each other and listed in order starting with the best at the top and the riskiest at the bottom.

3) By following the list provided you’re basing your stock picking decisions on facts and will be less likely to be swayed by your emotions and make hasty, unwise decisions just for a quick profit.

4) The BTMA Wealth Club membership is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee. This is enough time for you to test it out and actually make money with it. There is no risk for you because you are covered by an iron clad refund policy.

5) Puts an end to information overload that overwhelms most beginners to stock trading. It helps you understand how the stock market works and allows you to learn the ropes when a lot of complex tasks have already been done for you.

6) This is a proven system that will guide you on what stocks to pick and what is the most you should pay for a stock. Many people pay way more than they should for a stock because they think that the price is going to increase several fold. In many cases, this just doesn’t happen. With the guidance of the membership, you’ll have credible advice from a mentor. All you need to do is adhere to the advice given.

7) This membership comes with excellent support. If you’ve any doubts, you can always contact the Grant Gigliotti for clarifications.

The Cons:

1) You’ll need a computer with a working internet connection to receive emails. The membership is mostly an online system and unlike speaking to your broker, this is less personal.

2) No matter how good and helpful the spreadsheet will be, you’ll still need to do some checking on your own and trust your gut instinct at times. There’s no substitute for going with your hunches and the wealth builders club is a tool to help you make better decisions. It’s a means to an end and not an end in itself.

My Thoughts.

Numerous sites out there will tell you where you should invest all your money and how to pick stocks. Such reviews tend to be confusing in identifying the scam ones from the legitimate ones.

This program shows you that it is important to stick to the fields you know best whilst picking stocks. Whether it is in transportation, medication or software, this program has its roots embedded in these areas to make you pick the right stocks to save your money.

The program highlights the much research and amount of work that goes into every stock tip. Beat the Market Analyser is your best alternative to broadening your knowledge on the stock market. This is because since the year 2000, the program has been a great tool, a successful one at that, and has beaten the market for way over 85% of time.

The program channels Value Investing; a methodology used by many millionaires as well as billionaire investor Warren Buffet. What this protocol uses is that you buy, at a bargained price, the brand name recognized companies.

This program has something void of other reviews; a learning curve for the stock market. The thing about investing is picking the right stock consistently. With this system, the confusing world of finances is broken down to in-depth understanding. The world over has no reliable system that can do this which makes this program one of the leaders in the stock market analysis.

Do you want a winning edge in your stock trading? Do you want to see gains instead of losses? Would you like to have many mundane tasks done for you in regard to your stock trading?

Many of the professional stock traders use software to help them make good trading decisions. The unbiased nature of this program will give you reports that you can count on. The list will give you all the best stocks so that you can come to intelligent conclusions that will put you on the right track. Such feedback is priceless.

And just to put the icing on the cake, there is a 7-day FREE trial.

Final Verdict

Investment for a novice investor may seem tricky. Soaring to great heights in the market takes time and following the common sense approach distinctly so as to pick on the right stocks and make more money rather than picking wrong stocks and losing money also takes time.

All you have to do is to grab this guide and get good at investment today, like other renowned billionaires like Warren Buffet who rose to glory using aspects of this program.

This is ideal for the beginner. It provides sufficient information for you to be successful, but also requires you to learn. This is an excellent combination. And just to put the icing on the cake, there is a 7-day FREE trial and a money back guarantee after 60 days. For more information click here. 


Have a great day,


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2 Responses

  1. Beat The Market Analyzer sounds like a well thought out system. Grant Gigliotti did an outstanding job in coming up with this almost automated system of stock investing. When i read that 10,000 recommended stocks are sent to your in box I had to pause and wonder how could that help me. I want to know the best opportunities. Not the performance predictions for so many stocks. 

    I am not sure if this is the right vehicle for me. But it is nice to know that such a program exists for future reference.


    1. Hi Edwin, thank you for your comments and interest. Your point is a valid point. I will look further into it. Thanks again. Stephen

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