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Best Ways To Increase Income


What keeps people stuck? How and when does earning money become easy? What is stopping you from earning what you really want? The millions of get-rich-quick on line businesses are not the answer. They read well. They fail. Proper action is needed.

Today we talk about:

  • We start with a Thought.
  • Who am I?
  • Learning.
  • Law of Compensation.
  • Thinking in a Certain Way.
  • Impression of Increase.
  • The World is Changing.


Who are we? We are God’s highest form of creation. We are a spiritual being. We are spiritual being in a physical body. Spirit is omnipresent. When we form an idea it is a thought or collection of thoughts. We are a spiritual being. (Our thoughts.) We have an intellect. (Our Ideas.) We have a physical body. (Our actions). Any energy flows to and through us. Our body is a mass of energy and we function on frequencies. Thought is energy 24/7.

Everything we do starts as a thought. Our paradigm works to stops us. The brain is not the mind. The conscious mind is the intellectual mind. The subconscious mind is the emotional mind. The body is an instrument of the mind. The conscious mind is run by the senses, sight, touch, smell, hear and taste. We can create our own environment with the intellectual factors, imagination, intuition, will, memory, reason and perception.

When we build an idea our conscious mind expresses it to the subconscious mind and it becomes a dream. The subconscious mind creates the changes and this reaction then produces a result from the inside which is expressed on the outside by our actions.

An empty bank account fills our mind with limitations. Our outside world is creating our mental activity. We are not thinking. Present results are dominating our thinking. We are being programmed by our senses. We need to use our intellectual faculties.


Our paradigm is controlling our thinking. Our paradigm was built by somebody else. A paradigm is a mental program that has almost exclusive control over our habitual behavior and almost all of our behavior is habitual. Most people know how to do better. Why don’t they? We are a product of bad genes and environment. As a baby our subconscious mind is wide open. There is no conscious mind that has been developed to reject or accept. Everything that is dumped into that baby’s mind comes out as self-image. This multiple of ideas then becomes our paradigm.

When a paradigm is almost fixed that baby begins to think. The baby then picks up from the outside world. Their school report card is controlled by the outside world and is only an indication of exam results at a given time. It has nothing to do with their potential future. As a student we were taught invaluable knowledge however we were not taught how to use it. This creates confusion and frustration. The reality is that at school we gather information, not learning.



Learning is when we gather information to create an idea and become emotionally involved in the idea. The idea creates an end result. Feedback from that result is the learning experience. A person with a lot of knowledge doesn’t always translate into results. There are people with lots of knowledge that go broke. There are people that were failures at school that are multimillionaires. It is not the knowledge that produces the result. It’s a paradigm. We must change the paradigm to change the results.

Understanding the true Principle of Prosperity. There are 3 steps:

  • The law of Compensation
  • Thinking in a Certain Way
  • Impression of Increase.


The Law of Compensation clearly states: The amount of money you earn will always be in exact ratio to

  • The need for what you do. Sometimes there is a persistent deliberate occupation in trying to often achieve unreasonable ideas.
  • Your ability to do it. Focus on your ability to do it. Become a master at whatever you do.
  • The difficulty there will be in replacing you.

The strength is to focus on point 2. Your ability to do it. Head in the opposite direction of the masses. We have the ability to create whatever we want. Plants grow as long as we look after them properly. We have to look after ourselves properly. Every day do something to become great. That is how tennis players, golfers and business men all become great.


All world leaders past and present all agree on one thing. Thinking in a certain way. They disagree on just about everything else.

To begin earning substantial amounts of money we must begin thinking in a certain way. If we keep doing what we have been doing, we will only get what we have been getting. We cannot let the outside world control our thinking. Do not let our bank account control our thinking. It is thinking with limitations. Think from a position of prosperity and abundance. Work with an abundance of thought energy. Picture what you want. Thoughts lead to ideas which lead to things.

Don’t let results control our thinking. We need to control our thinking. Use our emotions and desires. The thinking mind is the conscious mind. The emotional mind is the subconscious mind and the body is the instrument that creates the results. The body is an instrument of the mind. Our awareness to maintain our good thinking is the cause of the good fortune.

When we are losing our paradigms are controlling us through our senses (touch, hear, smell taste and hear). The paradigm is in charge of the thoughts. They are letting our results control our actions. The dilemma is ignorance. To overcome it, we need to allow ourselves to get emotionally involved in our idea and fill our heart with it.


We can convey the impression of increase, by holding the unshakable faith that we are in the way of increase, and by letting this faith inspire, fill and permeate every action. Increase in all areas of our life is governed by an absolute law. Ralph Waldo Emerson referred to this law as the law of laws. We have to expand our life in a most magnificent manner and learn how to leave everyone we encounter with the impression of increase. People will be attracted to us because of how we make them feel our faith and inspiration. Live our impression of increase in the words we use and in our writing and our gestures.


It is all about the thoughts you choose, positive or negative. Fortune is our awareness of how we are thinking. All thinking is not created equally. The joy is in the giving. Having an understanding of how to think has the potential to change everything. Identifying and changing our non-productive paradigms is something that our success depends upon. I believe you can do it.

Infinite power is always for a fuller expression. Everything changes, nothing rests. If we are not creating we are disintegrating. If we are not going ahead, we are going backwards.

The world is changing. The world is getting smaller. Once we give energy to our thinking you don’t have to work it. Contrary to popular belief mental activity constitutes thinking. Academic activity does not constitute thinking. To begin earning a substantial amount of money we must begin thinking in a certain way.



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  1. Great post. It is very detailed, powerful and one which everyone should read. I am currently in college and this will be beneficial for me now and in the future. Other students should read this too!

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