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Can I Be Rich? – Yes


The object of all life is development and each of us has a right to that life. We have the right to free and unrestricted use of all things necessary for our fullest mental, spiritual and physical growth – in other words our right to be rich. You ought not be satisfied with a little if you are capable of using and enjoying more.

The inner convictions which control one’s aims desires and motives constitute the real thought of the individual and wholly determine the course of his life and personal destiny. To be rich therefore you need to cultivate your intelligence and to express better, bigger and superior thought on all matters about which you may think.

The index for this project is:

  • The Mind is in Charge.
  • Reap What you Sow.
  • Things to Encourage.
  • Actions.
  • There is no Such Thing as Done.

Robert Collier said “All riches have their origin in mind. Wealth is in ideas – not money.”

To be rich there are three motives for which we live: We live for the body, the mind and the soul. Each is desirable and neither body, mind or soul can live fully if one of the others is cut short of full life and expression. This creates unsatisfied desire. Real life riches, therefore, is the complete expression of all that a person can give forth through body, mind and soul.

A person cannot live fully in the body without food, clothing and shelter. A person cannot live fully in mind without books, travel and intellectual companionship. To live fully in soul an individual must have love. You need to be rich to provide the material things required for the unfolding of the body, mind and soul.

What ever may be said in praise of poverty, it is not possible to live a really complete life unless one is rich. In order to unfold the soul and develop talent we must have many things to use, and we cannot have these things unless we have money to buy them.


Can you be rich? Yes. However the heaviest burden you carry that is preventing you, are the thoughts in your head. If you do not have the right mind set and no desire you will stay where you are. Every one of us were born to be rich. You are the only one standing in the way of your financial freedom. Do not allow present circumstances to determine your future results.

The mind is the creative cause of all that transpires in the life of man. The personal conditions are the results of mans actions. All actions are the direct outcomes of his ideas. We never make a move of any kind until we first form some image or plan in the mind.

If all conditions are the results of our actions and all actions are the outcomes of our ideas, then our ideas must determine the conditions of our daily lives and/or if I am rich. Every man is his own designer and builder. He makes his creations within before they materialize on the outside. All fears of sickness, poverty and old age are impressions, ideas and mental pictures long before they become painful realities.

As we assimilate in the mind these ideas or mental pictures, we knowingly or unknowingly exercise a power to produce them. This creative process continues working night and day until the idea is created.

Your mind is no greater than its conceptions. As you improve and enlarge your ideas and mental pictures, you improve and enlarge your mind. As you aspire to realize the larger truth you must grow in understanding. You must grow closer to being rich.



Life with all its attributes of good is something that doesn’t just happen to touch a fortunate few. It is something you must create. It is something you must plan, mentally picture and think about. When you are rich you are seeking love, fortune, happiness and success. It is important to understand that these qualities are not something you may find, buy or borrow. No one can give it to you. You must create it within your self. Your desires and ideas are like seeds you plant in the soil, but these are planted in the soil of the mind. After planting the thought seeds you cultivate them, nurture them and guard them until harvest time. Then you will reap all that you have sown and abundantly. The one with the cleanest and most fertile garden will enjoy the best returns.

The progress towards richness of the individual is largely determined by his ruling mental state because the mind is the basic factor and governing power in the entire life of man. If his attitudes are broad in mind, optimistic in tone and true to life, his predominant mental state will correspond and exhibit a highly constructive and progressive tendency towards being rich.

Robert Kiyosaki said, ” The only difference between a rich person and a poor person is how they spend their time.”

We are surrounded by a vast ocean of thought stuff. It is an unlimited force. Your power to think is exhaustible. As we grow in understanding the right use of thought, we will learn to banish our ills and establish good in every form we desire.

Man is constantly thinking. He can arrange his thoughts, but cannot stop thinking. Man must then direct his power of thinking into constructive channels of thinking. By thinking, we are continually producing effects. To gain any riches we must first gain a disciplined, orderly, constructive state of mind.

Anything that dominates us makes us servant to its dictates. All our weaknesses and our lacks are due to some compelling influence that blinds us and keeps us from what we would naturally receive. Man is endowed with the power to overcome all these mistakes. That power is unfailing in its operation. Used properly one can master any trial.



Have a job you enjoy. Enjoying what you do, who you do it with, and the company you do it for can make for a supremely richer life than the alternative.

Control your own time. Its hard to put a value on the ability to control what you work on, who you work with and performing meaningful work. Time is our most precious asset but the one we complain about the most. There is no secret formula to set the perfect balance between work, family, personal life and hobbies. Some manage it better than others.

Continue to spend your time, resources and energy at work to maintain the momentum long after the effort has been invested. The ability to work from anywhere and to work remotely provides more flexibility and productivity.

The rich are typically self-employed. Ditch the steady paycheck. As you grow in self employment you will always have uncomfortable thoughts. You have to learn to be comfortable while operating in a state of ongoing uncertainty.

Don’t show off. Show up. Don’t buy your toys until your business is producing secure flows of income. Use other people’s money. Don’t be afraid if you come up with a great idea, and can’t finance it, to use other peoples money to make it happen. Take risks and be willing to make mistakes. Mistakes are feedback and training. They are a true benefit of your determination.



Your first goal should be to gain a surplus of resources. Use that surplus to accelerate education, the business and the next generation. Do not use it as an opportunity for consumption and inflating your lifestyle. Think about where you can accelerate things and build your personal advantage.

Risk V Reward

Invest in resources even though there may seemingly be no reward straight away. Not every thing has a clear path to profitability. You have to take a chance and try. Be prepared to take calculated risks because no reward worth discussing came without risk. Being uncomfortable is important. It means you growing.

Meaningful Relationships.

Seek relationships based on trust, liking, shared values and mutual respect. Help others with no expectation of anything in return. Make new friends who have a rich mindset. Make friends with smarter people. Reputation is everything. Trust and respect are earned slowly, through hard fought effort and both can be lost in an instant.


The world deals with reality swiftly, humbly and practically. All successes are improbable and should be appreciated as such. Be humble. Celebrate the success of others. You have two choices, tear down another person’s success or be inspired by the example. Find a competitor and make them your mentor. Something can be learned from everyone. The right team is greater than the some of its parts.

Embrace Competition.

Embrace competition and know that iron sharpens iron. Lady Gaga existed before Taylor Swift and one doesn’t hamper the success or growth of the other. There is a piece of pie for every one. The first step is showing up.

Learn not to be reactionary. Not everything goes your way. Let those experiences propel you forward. When the going gets tough, learn to stick it out provided the pursuit is worthwhile. Anything worth doing will be hard. Rewards are reaped by those who push through the difficulties of a pursuit because the will to push through is scarce.



Zig Ziglar said “Rich people have small TVs and big libraries, and poor people have small libraries and big TVs.”

The success to all facets of riches is firstly the mindset and secondly taking action. I will finish with two lists, The first is tips to achieve riches and the second is what is involved in maintaining riches. The tips to achieve are.

  • Stop obsessing about money. Obsession is a distraction.
  • See how many people you can help. You have to give first before you get.
  • Stop thinking about $1,000,000 and start thinking about serving a 1,000,000 people.
  • See making money as a way to make more things.
  • Make your goal to do one thing better than anyone.
  • Consistently track your progress.
  • Build routines that ensure you make progress.

There is no “I made it”. No “done”. Life is defined by ongoing challenges and learning. Rich people always have a full life. There are things they have to do. Here’s a short list.

  • Live fully, consciously.
  • Wake up in the morning and look forward to the day.
  • Do the stuff they are really passionate about.
  • Spend time with the family.
  • Travel the world.
  • Work when they want.
  • Industry recognition.
  • Afternoon naps.

Sleep tight knowing, “Yes, you can be rich.”




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3 Responses

  1. Nice blog very thorough easy to understand I’ve learned how to wright a better blog for myself just by reading yours!

  2. Hi Stephen,
    Thank you for posting this.
    Things are actually possible if we really want to make an effort for it. When there is a will, there is a way.
    It is wonderful that you point out that the rich people are typically self-employed. Entrepreneurship is so broad. The opportunities are endless. Especially in this digital era. There are so many ways in making money online. It is important to educate ourselves on finding the right one that will work for us so it will guarantee us a freedom to be financially secured and even be rich in the future.

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