Great Parenting. My Life Upgrade. Product Review.

GREAT PARENTING If you wish you had been given a manual on how to deal with life’s difficulties, such as relationships, parenting, romance, etc., then join the rest of the planet. My Life Upgrade can’t promise to help you with everything, but can promise to help you with great parenting. After all, today’s children are […]

How Can I Build My Child’s Self Esteem

  Today we are joined by Dr. Joe Rubino Parents can do much to support their children to feel good about themselves and to champion their child’s self-image. Here are 5 specific things parents can do to build high self-esteem in children.

Children Learning Reading – Product Review.

As an adult we all take reading for granted. After all, we learned a long time ago. But so much has changed since we learned to read; the methods are different, the teaching strategy is different and the world is a much different place. I can’t remember how I started reading, but I do remember […]