Overcome Poor Self – Image

Three Things Holding You Back from Your Life’s Purpose: Fear: This is the most common reason for not taking action. We may fear we’re not smart enough. Or fear that we’ll be exposing ourselves to ridicule. We might have an extreme fear of failure, so interestingly enough, we create more of the very thing we […]

How to Plan My Future

Envision Your Future By setting clearly defined goals, you can visibly measure the steps you take towards achieving them. You can see your progress in what could otherwise feel like a long, pointless chore. Setting goals can also raise your self-confidence. As you recognize and take pride in your ability to achieve them, you will […]

Take Your Life in the Right Direction

To achieve is not just thinking outside of the box. You can take social risks and venture outside your comfort zone and yet still stay stuck on your current level. You may want to network with new people on a new playing field. Consider well your current energy level, your objectives, and the people outside […]

Best Ways to Understand your Emotions

Emotional Intelligence. I am of the opinion that self-esteem, self belief and/or self-awareness is everybodies weakest link. Lack of belief in our selves is what holds us back. My research stumbled on emotional intelligence. Never ever having heard of it before I was intrigued and interested what its connection with self belief and self awareness […]

The Secret Power of the Subconscious Mind

The Secret Power of the Subconscious Mind The subconscious mind is a powerful secondary system that runs everything in your life. Learning how to stimulate the communication between the conscious and the subconscious minds is a powerful tool on the way to success, happiness and riches. The subconscious mind is a data bank for everything. […]

Desire – Vibration – Action – Results.

  DESIRE – VIBRATION – ACTION – RESULTS. The natural laws of the Universe are so precise we can land on the moon within a fraction of a second. The Secret was based on the concept of the law of attraction. The movie went viral and it was all over the world. The law of […]

The Mind – Power, Stability and Promise

To bring order and understanding to our mind, you must have an image to work with. Since our mind is the unseen part of our body we must engage our imagination to build the image of the mind. This can be accomplished with the stick person. Do not allow the simplicity of the stick person […]

How to Learn and Grow

No more effort or energy is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity as is required to accept misery and poverty. The difference between the two is in your level of awareness. Your thoughts create your beliefs. Your thinking could set you free from the constraints that keep you from realizing […]

Imagination – Our Greatest Gift.

The greatest gift we have ever been given is the gift of our imagination. My imagination is mine to be able to do anything I want with. I can put anything in there. Nobody can tell me what can be there or what can’t be there. “Imagination” is one of those words that inspire us. […]

Fear is Not Real.

Most people are past masters at self sabotage. We have been so well programmed with habits or paradigms we cope with everything the same way each time something happens. This prevents personal growth and achievement. Fear is no exception. We have to learn to be continually aware of self-improvement and growth. This allows us to […]