Making a difference in other people’s life.

Changing Your Mindset.


Changing Your Threshold

Many self-help authors and thought leaders create products and services with the intent to help you achieve your goals. When your mindset is open, you thank them for their services. When your mindset is closed, you say they are just trying to sell you. Well, are they selling or are they serving?

Your perspective depends on your beliefs. It depends on your threshold of deservingness. If you think they are taking advantage of you, you call it selling (because you believe selling is “bad”). If you think they are helping you, you perceive it as serving, because you believe that being of service to others is “good.”

Again, it’s all about beliefs and particularly your belief about what you deserve. Limiting beliefs create a threshold that will block your abundance and prosperity until you release it and rewire a new empowering belief. We will be helping you develop these skills in future modules.

Here is a thought-provoking question to ask yourself:

• “How good can I stand it?”

For many, their conditioned beliefs won’t be in alignment when life starts to seem “too good to be true”. Instead, we get caught up in these types of thoughts:

  • “What will the neighbors think?”
  • “What will my family think?”
  • “If it seems too good, surely something bad is bound to happen.”
  • “I don’t deserve to have things so good.”
  • “If it’s too good, it won’t last, and I’ll be miserable again.”

Those are all limiting beliefs. Your life can be truly amazing, but often we hit a comfort level and won’t go past it. Why?

  • Because of limiting beliefs
  • Because of our thresholds of deservingness

Rationalization and Criticism.

Rationalizations or criticisms about yourself or others can be deceiving, but the result is that you limit yourself and your achievement. If you tether an elephant’s hind foot to a stake when they’re young, they’ll attempt unsuccessfully to break free for a time, however, after coming to the acceptance of failure to break free, they stop trying. Years later, when the elephant is full-grown and could easily break free, it won’t even try. It believes it can’t. It has a limiting belief from a young age that keeps it enslaved. We’re all not so different. We all have a multitude of limiting beliefs. These beliefs disempower and enslave us, just like the elephant. We have the potential to do so much more than we think is possible for us, if we recognize and get clear of the beliefs that bind us.

Often, school buses are equipped with an electronic device that restricts the top speed at which they can travel called a Governor. The restriction is there to keep bus drivers from driving too fast, putting children at risk. Many high-performance cars sold in various countries around the world have Governors installed as well. The device keeps the vehicle from performing at peak capacity. It would seem counterproductive to make a high-performance sports car, and then intentionally throttle its capabilities. Can you see the parallel with your limiting beliefs and how they’ve held you back and kept you from performing at the level you desire and are truly capable? Now that you’re aware, you can begin to remove your governors and release your limits of achievement in all areas of your life.

Once you get clear of these destructive obstacles, there are no limits to what you can accomplish in your life. The only limits we ever have are self-imposed based upon our current understanding of the dynamic creators we all are, and that keeps changing as we keep raising the bar on what’s possible.

So again, how good can you stand it? So in getting to that answer, first, let’s clarify two things-what you don’t want materially and emotionally in your life and what you do want.

Know What You Don’t Want

There are times when it is challenging to articulate what we want-but we’re crystal clear about what we don’t want, and that’s an okay place to be. Clarity is a gift. Having life’s contrast reflected for you to gain clarity is one way that the Universe brings us closer to our life purpose. How would we know where we want to go without all the evidence of where we don’t want to go? Undesired events, moments, and feelings give us the contrast we need to get crystal clear on what it is we do want. Once we’re able to identify what we don’t want, we can turn our thinking around and begin to identify and commit to what we do want.

Three Common Things That Can Hold You Back from Your Life’s Purpose:

Fear: This is the most common reason for not taking action. We may fear we’re not smart enough. Or fear that we’ll be exposing ourselves to ridicule. We might have an extreme fear of failure, so interestingly enough, we create more of the very thing we do not want. We may reason, for example, that it’s better to fail from lack of effort than to fail after “going for it.”

Failing after trying would feel like rejection or be evidence that we aren’t good enough. Since we don’t want to face that possible outcome, we don’t give ourselves the chance to fail or succeed.

Poor Self-Image: Much of this comes from how we assume people perceive us, thereby holding us back from trying to excel.

Not Setting Goals: Some of us feel we don’t have time to set goals, so we do what’s in front of us; without a rudder, never considering what we truly want. We allow life to float in front of us and take it one day at a time. We sacrifice our ultimate dreams for the “bright shiny objects” that come our way each day.

Know What You Do Want

Once you clarify what you don’t want, you’ll have more clarity to plan what you do want. Knowing with clarity what you want helps you to aim your life in the direction you want it to go. If you don’t consciously aim for where you want to go, you’ll go where your subconscious mind believes you should go based on whether those beliefs are supporting you or not.

You become a prisoner of your mind. Being very specific about what you do want in life is the first step in creating a powerful intention. True freedom comes from knowing what you want, without being a prisoner to what you want. You can anticipate obstacles and let nothing deter you from getting back on track.

Lewis Carrol illustrated this best in his quintessential story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

On Alice’s adventure, she came upon a Cheshire Cat.

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?” asked Alice. “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.

“I don’t much care where-” said Alice. “Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” said the Cat. “-so long as I get SOMEWHERE,” Alice added as an explanation.

“Oh, you’re sure to do that,” said the Cat, “if you only walk long enough.”

Rather than aimlessly wander with the hope we’ll get somewhere, why not plan an outrageous future!


Think of your planning time as an investment. Research shows that a result of taking time to think deeply about what you want and then planning the steps to get there will save you an average of 4 to 10 hours a week. How would you like to reclaim 4-10 hours a week? How would this unclaimed time affect your quality of life?

Many people become overwhelmed by their carryover list-everything they need to get done that gets carried over to the next day. If we don’t take the time to clarify what we want and put the plans in place, we find ourselves running desperately to keep up every day while falling further behind. We may also find ourselves failing to accomplish our most important objectives, the ones that help us advance in areas that are most important to us.


Have a Great Day,


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