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Children Learning Reading – Product Review.

As an adult we all take reading for granted. After all, we learned a long time ago. But so much has changed since we learned to read; the methods are different, the teaching strategy is different and the world is a much different place. I can’t remember how I started reading, but I do remember the joy it brought (and still does), and the sheer variety of material to read. It is no wonder that reading is top of the tree for required skills.

Today, it is quite difficult to get by without it. Every child attends school and is taught to read, but wouldn’t you like to share in the joy of learning to read with your child? If so, the Children Learning Reading program is for you and your child.

Set The Bar Early

Not only will this superb program help kick start your child’s reading ability, it will also give them confidence ready for when they start school.

What Is The Children Learning Reading Program?

It is a complete learning program comprising of:

1.) 32 phonics lessons (step by step tutorial).

2.) Lesson printouts.

3.) Flashcards.

4.) MP3 audios (so you know exactly how the sound is made).

5.) Activities with illustrated storybooks – perfect for any child.

6.) Phonics games to keep their interest.

7.) Nursery rhymes.

and much, much more.

Play Catch-Up.

Everyone learns at a different pace, whether that is child or adult, which is why this program is perfect for anyone. Whether your child is only just learning to read, or whether your child just needs a little helping hand to catch-up with their peers, you will find the Children Learning Reading program indispensable.

It not only helps with their reading, but it will also help them become a great speller too. If you use the program to help your child catch-up with their peers,(they may be behind due to missing school as a result of illness or any other number of reasons) you will find they are so much better in as little as 2 months. If your child has to take time out of school for illness, surgery, etc., this is a fun program that can help them learn as well as enjoy those lessons.

What If My Own Reading Isn’t That Good?

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. The program is designed so that ANY parent (or indeed anyone who is caring for a child) can use the simple proven system. Using this program will help accelerate your child’s reading ability and it may even enhance your own. A staggering 78,600 satisfied parents have used this system to date. It may even help increase your own capabilities at the same time.

Why Phonetics?

There is a vast amount of scientific research that has shown that phonetics is the best way of teaching reading. Not all schools use this way to teach their child, even though it is far superior to other methods. It is the best way to engage your child to learn to read in a way that is organized. It also enhances their problem solving ability over words they do not understand or know as they can use the system to sound words out.

This increases their confidence in the unknown, enhances their spelling ability and also improves their comprehension. They will also have a larger vocabulary than many children of the same age. This means that their IQ can also be boosted. By using the phonemic system to learn reading, you can be sure your child is developing more understanding of the words they are sounding out, rather than just “memorizing” words, which a lot of teaching methods rely on. Just memorizing words does not help develop reading ability. Once a child feels confident in their abilities their self-esteem will raise (a problem many people in adult life have) and this can only get better as they progress.

Will It Work for My child?

The Children Learning Reading Program works for children as young as 2 years. This means that the earlier you start with the step-by-step method, the earlier your child will be able to read. You will receive all the information and assistance you need. You don’t need to spend hours every day – just 10-15 minutes a day covers it. Of course, you may want to spend longer time together reading as it is so much fun for you both.

Is It Expensive.

No, this is a really inexpensive system at just $39. You see they wanted to reach as many people as possible to ensure the next generations (and the ones after that) have superior abilities. They could easily charge three times this amount, but learning is more important than profit for them. Of course, they need to cover costs for developing the system and research into new and improved ways to enhance learning, which is why they have set the price at $39. For that you get:

1.) 230 page teaching manual (for you) with complete step-by step lessons covering all you need to know about phonics.

2.) 32 phonics lessons for your child including fun games.

3.) 12-week learning to read videos detailing how to teach the lessons to your child.

4.) Lesson printouts.

5.) Flashcards.

6.) 26 x MP3 audios.

7.) Lifetime bonus upgrades (so you have access to any changes we make).

Their Guarantee To You.

If you don’t agree they have provided you with the best tools for success to help your child to read, They will refund your money. They are so confident that you will love this fun and entertaining way to bond with your child over a love of reading, that the risk is unconditional. If you want your money back just ask and they will oblige. However, they know this is a proven method of teaching and they have so many satisfied clients, we feel sure you will send your testimonial to them, rather than request a refund.

A Final Note.

They are proud to have been a key part in the teaching of reading to a new generation. They get messages and testimonials every day from more satisfied parents. Whether you choose to use the Children Learning Reading Program or not, we wish you the very best on your child’s reading journey.


Have a great day


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