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Design Your Own Success

To design your own success before you get to be “in the trenches” you must form a clear and definite mental picture of what you want. You cannot transmit an idea unless you have it yourself. You must have it before you can give it.

John D Rockefeller said: “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”

Would you follow someone else? Taking advice is one thing but following is another. Being consistently successful is a complex procedure yet very simple. All that matters is how to go about it and how badly you want it. Life, just like success has different aspect’s. When you take your steering wheel to drive your success, life changes for the good, even if you fail at times. Contentment of trying on your own would suffice and keeps you going.

What we are talking about today:

  • A mind game.
  • Creative power.
  • Visualize.
  • Clear and definite.
  • Action your thoughts.
  • What it takes.


People often shuffle between the ups and downs of life, not realizing what the imperative nature of the aspect’s of life has to offer. With all the materialism processed, one thing remains a true fact – Designing your own success is a mind game. It is reciprocated to those who are objective, optimistic and humble.

Jack Nicklaus said: “Achievement is largely the product of steadily raising one’s levels of aspiration and expectation.”

Many people fail to impress because they themselves have only a vague and misty concept of the things they want to become, to do or to have. It’s not enough that you should have a general desire for wealth to do good with it. Everybody has that desire. If you were going to send an email message or a text message to a friend, you would not send the letters of the alphabet in alphabetical order and let them construct the message for themselves. You would send an explicit well worded sentence.

Think Positive: Your mind is more powerful than you think. Ralph Waldo Emerson said “We become what we think about all day long.” What we think will eventually become a reality. Whatever you have accomplished so far is a result of your focused mind. The reality is attracted towards the most dominant thought in your mind.


You can never get rich or start the creative power into action by sending out unformed longings. Vague desires need a clear mental picture of what you want. You must know what you wish it to look like when you get it. You must be able to have a clear mental picture continually in your mind.

Decide on what you want: The foremost step to design your own success is to decide what you want. Once decided your conscious mind will pile up the information into segments, to drive your thoughts and actions in synchrony to attain the desired outcome.

Set a clear defined target in the pursuit of your desired outcome. Have a set of defined goals and targets. Create challenges for yourself. Do not let it get easy on you. Without a proper target, mind’s energy and thoughts are wasted.


Dream and Visualize: While designing your own success is a mind game it is equally important and critical to keep rehearsing the desired outcome. Our minds are incapable of differentiating the reality with fantasy. Thus programming them to visualize creates strings of more positive thoughts and energy.

It is not necessary to take exercises in concentration or set apart special times for affirmation or to go into the silence of any kind. What you need to know is what you want, and to want it enough, so that it will stay in your thoughts. In other words fall in love with it.

Spend as much of your leisure time as you can in contemplating your picture. It is the things that you do not readily care about that take up the required effort that you would usually use to visualize the picture you want. Your desire to get rich must be strong enough to hold your thoughts to your purpose. Mental laziness must be overcome.


The more clear and definite you make your picture and the more you dwell upon it, the stronger your desire will be. The stronger your desire, the easier it will be. Hold your mind fixed upon the picture of what you want. Behind your clear vision must be the purpose to realize it and bring it out in tangible expression. Behind this purpose must be an invincible and unwavering faith that the thing is already yours and that you have only to take possession of it.

See the things you want as if they were actually around you all the time. See yourself as owning and using them. Make use of them in imagination just as you will use them when they are tangible possessions. Designing your own success asks you to dwell upon your mental picture until it is clear and distinct. Then take the mental attitude of ownership toward everything in that picture. Take possession of it in your mind, in the full faith that it is actually yours.

Hold to this mental ownership, do not waiver for an instant in the faith that it is real. Be as thankful for it as you would be as you expect to be when it has taken form. Your part is to intelligently formulate your desire for the things which make for a larger life and to get those desires arranged in a coherent whole. You make it by holding this vision with unshakable purpose to attain it and with steadfast faith that you will attain it.

Donald Johanson said: “Most achievers I know are people who have made a strong and deep dedication to pursuing a particular goal. That dedication took a tremendous amount of effort.”


Once you have clearly formed your vision, the whole matter turns on receiving. Imagine the exact environment and financial condition you desire and live all the time in the imagery of that environment and financial condition. Hold to the faith that the imaging is being realized.

Work smart, work hard: there is no substitute to hard work. In combination with smart work there is absolutely no backing off from success. It is important to action your thoughts and have defined strategies to attain the desired outcome of designing your own success.

Be fearless in your approach: Fears can destroy even the best intentions. Just focus on the visualization section of the outcome. Fear, being a state of mind can be easily conquered provided you are strong, willing and not less than desperate to achieve the goal.


Mark Zuckerberg did not hit pay dirt overnight. 10 points that summarize his success and apply to many once you are “in the trenches”:

  • Cultivate the dream.
  • Be ambitious.
  • Take baby steps.
  • Have faith in yourself.
  • Be true to your passion.
  • Be open to criticism.
  • Be hard-working.
  • Don’t let the business giants cow you down.
  • Take risks without faltering.

Many wonder what it is that makes successful people successful. While some believe it’s a need to be astute in observation and a good sense of character was the perfect way to succeed others felt that material wealth and factors contributed toward success in both life and business. Studies have recently revealed that your personality is what shapes your life better or for worse. In other words, if you are a good person, you will succeed in life and business because you will attract such people and circumstances to yourself.

Henry Ford said: “The man who will use his skill and constructive imagination to see how much he can give for a dollar, instead of how little he can give for a dollar, is bound to succeed.”



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  1. Than you for this reminder that I am on track. It is easy to give up when you are not seeing the results you would like to see. I am building an online business and this post has inspired me. Thank you for sharing.

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