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Desire – Vibration – Action – Results.



The natural laws of the Universe are so precise we can land on the moon within a fraction of a second. The Secret was based on the concept of the law of attraction. The movie went viral and it was all over the world. The law of attraction became one of the most talked about topics.

What we talk about today:

  • Everything Moves.
  • The Right Frequency.
  • It’s All About The Mind.
  • Feelings.

The Natural Laws of the Universe are:

  • Perpetual Transmutation. Energy moves into physical form.
  • Relativity. Nothing is good or bad, big or small, until you relate it to something.
  • Vibration and Attraction. Everything vibrates, nothing rests.
  • Polarity. Everything has an opposite. Hot – Cold.
  • Rhythm. The tide goes out… Night follows day.
  • Cause and Effect. Whatever you send into the Universe comes back.
  • Gender. Everything has a gestation period.


Vibration and attraction are supposed to go together. Attraction is a secondary law. Vibration is a primary law. Everything vibrates. Everything is an expression of the same thing, the leaves, the tree, the cement, the body, the clothes, it’s all energy at a different rate of vibration. The law of vibration decrees that nothing rests. Everything moves. We’re talking about a universal Law. And these are not man made laws so they are not going to be changed by man.

Vibration is something that must be understood if you’re going to take control of your health, it must be understood if you’re going to take control of your relationships, it must be understood if you want to become wealthy.

There is an absolute law that says energy will always move into form. That law is the law of the perpetual transformation of energy. It is one of the first laws of the universe.

We talk about attraction. It’s a secondary law. It’s not a primary law. Vibration is the primary law and the only thing you are going to attract is that thing that you are in harmonious vibration with. So whatever frequency you’re operating on is going to dictate what you are going to attract.

If you’re troubled or worried, the vibration you’re in will attract a lot of bad energy. The things you fear will visit you. Fear is a very negative vibration, it’s a very negative emotion, it’s caused by doubt and worry which is caused by ignorance.


When you get on the right frequency you start attracting all that you want and you cannot stop it coming to you unless you change the frequency. Whatever is on your frequency is what’s going to be broadcast through your life.

I know. When I am on the right frequency it is so hard not to achieve what you want. The trick, for me, is to maintain the frequency. There have been times in my life when I have said “it doesn’t get any better”. Then you get cocky and it fades instead of harnessing it and taking it to the next level.

If you’re in a really good vibration and you’re with a person that’s very negative you will not feel comfortable in their presence. Feeling is the conscious awareness vibration. You don’t feel comfortable in their energy and you want to get away from them. If you were negative and they are negative you’re going to come together. Misery loves company.



To make it happen, it is all about the mind. You have to get on the subjective level/subconscious mind. It’s got to become part of your paradigm. When it is part of your paradigm it will manifest in your physical world. It’s the subjective mind that’s manifesting in your life.

The part of the mind that knows everything and the part of the mind that controls your behavior are two different parts – part mind and paradigm. The paradigm programs and the subconscious mind controls behavior. The subconscious mind must accept everything given it. It has no ability to reject and it can’t distinguish between real and not real.

If you get emotionally involved it is real. What is impressed on the subconscious mind controls the vibration. The vibration is the frequency you operate on. If your frequency is negative you feel bad.



Feeling is a word that was invented to describe our conscious awareness of the vibration we are in. I’m feeling good. I’m feeling bad. I’m not feeling well. If it’s not working you are on the wrong frequency and you are using the wrong tools. You are going by smell, touch, hear, taste and sight. You have to use our higher faculties; Imagination, Intuition, Will, Memory, Reason and Perception. Imagination creates, Will holds it. If you look at it enough and image it enough and it sinks into your subconscious mind, it must manifest. It’s an absolute law. Whatever you put in eventuates.

The body is the instrument of the mind. Through our imagination we build the image of what we want. This is the dream. You see what you want. You impress it onto the subconscious and it turns into a desire. You don’t get what you want. You get what you desire. The desire is expressed through the instrument of the body because it changes the vibration the body is in. The vibration causes you to act and the action sets up an attraction and it is the action attraction that alters the results. Summarizing

  • The desire alters the vibration
  • The vibration changes the action
  • The action sets up an attraction
  • And that’s what changes the results.



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  1. A very interesting article. I enjoyed reading it. Yes, that is why having a positive mindset is always so important and you should be so careful about the words that comes out of your mouth, because the words you utter is a reflection of that what you meditate upon, which in turn influences the vibrations you send out and affects the world you create for yourself and others.

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