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Fear of Success

Fear of Success

If you desire to succeed at certain things in life, then two of the most disempowering beliefs you may encounter are the fear of failure and the fear of success. The stories that you connect with these two fears may be what keeps you in your comfort zone in various areas of your life and prevent you from reaching your goals. For example, you may be afraid (of failure or success) to step outside of your comfort zone for something you may want; and as a result, you don’t.

Some people feel that if you fail to reach a particular goal, you suffer a form of psychological death. This all or nothing mindset can prevent you from understanding the positive directions that failure can offer. It is essential to understand that failure is not final unless you stop trying. It’s a valuable learning opportunity and a part of the path towards most worthwhile goals.

Again, failure is a natural part of the learning process. We give something a try and then evaluate what went well and what we can improve. Failure doesn’t mean that it’s useless to try again. It

just gives us more information and knowledge for our next attempt. Successful people weren’t

born successful. They act and fail as many times as it takes to get it right!

Yet, the fear of failing, and anxiety over what it might say about you can be terrifying and

paralyzing. The real enemy is fear itself.

Fear, Expectations and Releasing Attachments

Fear is the anxiety of anticipation; in other words, it’s the “What if … ” of life. In reality, fear has only the meaning we give it. If we don’t give it meaning, or if we allow something else to have greater meaning, then fear has little or no influence upon us. Expectations come into play here. Expect miracles in your life, and then release any attachments to specific avenues or outcomes.

Rather than insisting that success or achievement comes only in one way or form, open up to all that the Universe has to offer. Sometimes what we end up with is so much better than what we thought we originally wanted, and the way we obtained that desire was something far removed from anything we could have imagined in the beginning.

Now, let’s make it clear that it doesn’t have to be a big life-altering goal for expectations to work. Miracles come in small packages each day. By clearing your limiting beliefs and allowing miracles into your life, you will reap all the benefits, large and small, that come from those experiences. It doesn’t have to be a year from now; it can happen today, no matter where you are in your life. Sometimes all it takes is one little tiny shift and the flood gates open!

More on Counter-Intentions

There are more limiting beliefs in this world than we could count, or certainly address in print. However, most of them fall under the following seven recurring themes.

I’m Not Good Enough

Many of us can remember standing in the schoolyard, waiting to be picked to be on a team. No matter when you were finally chosen, if you weren’t first, you felt inferior. This process repeatedly happens throughout life-the job you didn’t get, the relationship that dissolved, the notice from the electric company, etc. It’s a natural feeling that sets in when these events happen, and all too often, you carry these feelings with you-sometimes for years. Unfortunately, when you decide to change your life, these feelings can get in your way. That little voice in the back of your mind may be telling you that you aren’t good

enough, while you’re making plans and efforts toward your goals. Consciously you want them and plan to take action toward them, but subconsciously, you don’t believe you’re capable, or that you deserve to reach the goals you set, so why try? It’s like having one foot on the gas and the other foot on the brake.

No One Likes Me

You may think that you aren’t well-spoken, interesting, or particularly fun to spend time with. Or you may feel like you don’t belong in the group. With these thoughts, it can be easy to assume that you aren’t likable or have inherent flaws that aren’t there. As with most limiting beliefs, this one is self-fulfilling. For example, if you believe that you don’t deserve friends or relationships, you probably don’t try to have them; therefore, you don’t! Even if you did try, the effects of the belief will energetically manifest and those around you will unconsciously pick up on it and will most likely form a skewed perspective

of you. Once you realize that this perception isn’t real, you can take steps to reverse its effects.

Fear of Rejection

A common limiting belief, fear of rejection, affects many people from all walks of life. For instance, it often exists in students who are fearful of asking their teachers for assistance, in workers asking their colleagues for help, and people trying to ask others out on dates. This limiting belief is driven primarily by fear. No one likes to feel rejected, but the fear of rejection is often much larger than the actual event itself. Only you can decide not to allow it to interfere with your plans and ambitions by utilizing a myriad of effective clearing techniques.

That’s Impossible

While you may realize that the goals you want for your life have been accomplished repeatedly by others, you may put them in the impossible category (at least for you), because you feel that you lack the qualities, knowledge, tools, or resources necessary to accomplish them. (This is connected to the first limiting belief we listed that you don’t feel good enough.) This is how you sort goals or tasks in life into the can do or can’t do list. It happens automatically on a subconscious level and will frequently cause you to reject ideas before they are carefully considered.

Tunnel Vision

People with this limiting belief believe there is only one solution to a problem, or that there’s only one way to perform a specific task. For example, you may think that the only way to make money is to get a good education, get a good job, and then work your way up the corporate ladder. However, that old, outdated model does not hold much water these days; thus, many people are turning to self-employment to take control of their financial future in ways not possible through employment.

If your responses often begin with, “Yeah, but…” then you may very well have this limiting belief-you may believe that things can only happen in one way for you, and it has to be a specific way. Unfortunately, this type of thinking limits other avenues that may be viable ways for you to reach your goals. You’re saying that other methods are feasible for someone else, but for some reason, they won’t work for you!

Why Try, lt’s Not Going to Work Any Way

This is one of the most damaging limiting beliefs for anyone; and sadly, it’s still very prevalent in the world today. People with this limiting belief continuously see the worst- case scenario-almost as if they’re trying to protect themselves from dreaming big and getting their hopes up. They typically believe that whatever they attempt will fail, so why try (or they only give a halfhearted effort). Again, this way of thinking is a self-fulfilling prophecy-they fail not because it was inevitable, but because they believed it was so! Joe Vitale, author, and speaker admonishes- “Dare Something Worthy.”

I’m Not Special

This limiting belief is the underlying belief that success requires some exceptional quality (or spark) that you don’t possess. It’s the feeling that you’re just average, and it’s too much to expect that you’ll accomplish anything significant. This type of belief that you’re not ‘chosen’ allows you to escape the responsibilities of making the right choices for your life. You are ultimately responsible for your successes; however, with this limiting belief, it can be easier to find something or someone to blame rather than making choices that create your own achievements.

While this is a shortlist, it gives you a good idea of the kinds of hindrances that limiting beliefs can cause in your life. You’ll be amazed at what’s possible when you release self-limiting beliefs and thereby opening the space for miracles to flow into your life.




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