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Forward Steps – Thea Westra – Product Review.

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I am a firm believer that success cannot be achieved on your own. Support through materials such as webinars, books, e-books and audios are important tools. By sharing positive, thought-provoking content, Thea’s aim is to help you discover and step closer towards, what you really want.

Thea Westra.

Thea believes that most of us have dreams in life to do great things, but those dreams get put aside as we deal with the daily chores of everyday life. Thea firmly believes that you can create the life you want—you can choose where and how to live a life that’s fulfilling to you! She knows this to be true, because she did it herself.

One of the greatest realizations Thea has learned on her personal journey is this—there are thousands of possible ways to experience our life and we really do get to pick! She was not prepared to just let life play out anyway it wanted to, she was determined to start making her own dreams reality.

Throughout her lifetime, people would often approach her for advice when they felt a bit stuck in their lives. She had always had an interest in self-improvement information and reading “how to” books and articles related to personal transformation, in addition to participating in many years of personal growth training programs.

This is when her knowledge and experience of helping others with their lives turned into a new career. Thea became a life coach and built her own business using the power of the internet to connect with many people around the world. She started writing a blog, delivering a newsletter online, and designing websites in an effort to present ideas and inspiration to empower people.

By sharing positive, thought-provoking content, her aim is to help people like you discover and move toward what you really want, rather than feeling stuck, trapped or in a rut. “Forward Steps” is because she believes that we can choose to make our vision tangibly real by taking consistent action and by taking incremental forward steps towards our desired direction.

In order to grow, expand and develop as people, she teaches of our need to challenge ourselves, even just a little each day, and open up fresh perspectives on life. New experiences are vital to life. A shift in our habits can literally transform our lives.

Her content is something she shares with you through email, online posts, articles, and books. It is important to Thea that she gets people thinking about their life, offering them life power tips (short, simple messages with a focus point), as well as questions, affirmations, quotations, challenges and actions to take.

She is pleased to simply share online resources where we can explore motivational messages, recommended personal growth books, positive movie/video suggestions, inspiring music and humorous stuff for a laugh.

Thea’s offering.

From her Library Thea shares contemporaries such as Jeffrey Allen, Neale Donald Walsch, Bob Proctor, Natalie Ledwell, Mary Morrissey Sonia Ricotti and Bruce Lipton.

Titles such as Quiz re Your Chance of Success, Daily Meditation, Mastery of Sleep, 20 Self Explanatory Exercises, 12 Magic Laws of the Universe, Super Productivity Secrets, Secret of Becoming Rich, Learn to Believe in Yourself and Unstoppable Confidence are available plus many more by well respected authors and educators.

Thea Westra is the author of Time For My Life: 365 Stepping Stones and creator of the 365 Forward Steps Notes as well as this collection of positive Forward Steps tools for you, plus this selection of added resources that you might like to explore.

Thea’s main product is

The Complete Forward Steps Collection. This contains:

  • 365 Forward Steps E Book.
  • 365 Life Power Quotes E Book
  • 49 Questions to Inspire Change
  • 365 Positive Life Quotes
  • 365 Forward Steps Notes Collection
  • 15 Hrs MP3 + Ebooks
  • Time for My Life E Book.

The collection of all 365 Forward Steps Notes stimulate your mind with tips and resources to maximize your rise to success.

Now, you can get instant access to ALL the 365 Forward Steps Notes for an easy one-time payment.

Each Forward Steps Note contains:

Wisdom On The Web – a link to a positive website or resource

Life Power Tip – a powerful life tip you can take on board as a new habit or gets you thinking about your circumstances

Action – something you can do that day to nurture either yourself or others

Challenge – an action to take which will stretch you a little, to increase confidence or self-esteem

Quote – a motivational quote to get you thinking, my specially selected favorites

Clearing – an action to keep you organized or to clear your living/work spaces

Question – a poignant question to help you consider next steps in your life

Affirmation – a mantra that you can carry with you for the day to give it a specific focus

Uplifting Extra – another tool, product or resource to support your forward movement and success journey

Video – Stimulate your mind with tips and resources.

My Thoughts.

Everyone is at different stages of their life journey, everyone is looking for different things and experiencing different things.

Some of us learn best by hearing, others are more visual and yet others love to gather information by reading. Thea provides each of those vehicles.

What I really like about Thea and The Forward Steps Notes Collection is that they provide a vast array of resources. The cost of each product and resource is either free or negligible. Thea has researched and resourced a selection of excellent products that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. Her work is dedicated to personal growth and self-help only. It is not a retail outlet designed to exploit any financial opportunity available. Thea’s aim is to simply direct you to a variety of ideas that stimulate your mind and introduce online resources to better equip you, in life and business.

The main thrust is always from the person in control. I have not met Thea, however we have communicated. I believe that Thea is genuine in her personal goal of seeing everybody achieve their goals. I have no hesitation in recommending Thea and her Forward Steps Collection and her extensive library of personal growth and self-help tools.


Have a great day.


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