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If you wish you had been given a manual on how to deal with life’s difficulties, such as relationships, parenting, romance, etc., then join the rest of the planet. My Life Upgrade can’t promise to help you with everything, but can promise to help you with great parenting. After all, today’s children are the generation of tomorrow, and everything they experience or witness – positive, negative or by omission – will have an impact on their personalities and their ability to deal with life’s issues. We all try to do our best as parents, sure, but sometimes we need a little help. Not everyone has people they can turn to in order to obtain constructive advice, which is why My Life Upgrade was created. It will give you a wealth of advice, instruction and support in all areas of relationships.


Everyone has a relationship with someone else, whether that is as parents, couples, friends, grandparents, etc. The way we view everyone else depends on the input into our lives from childhood. If you had very little parenting or a traumatic childhood, then this will impact on your ability to form or maintain relationships with others. Relationships are at the core of every interaction we make. What if you could get help with ensuring your children were able to make right choices, appropriate decisions and build and maintain loving relationships with themselves and others. Wouldn’t that be worthwhile?


My Life Upgrade is the genius idea of Michael Larson, Certified Parent Coach and Heather O’Neale, Individual and Couple Therapist. It was born from their joint life experiences of seeing troubled individuals and dysfunctional relationships


Michael Larson, Certified Parent Coach, has personal as well as professional experience of many troubled youths. He has not only worked in a school for children with behavioral and learning difficulties, extremely challenging in itself, but he also fostered many teenage youths for 6 years. Most of these youths were a step away from incarceration and had issues with gang dependence and addiction. There is a real correlation between poor or inadequate parenting and juveniles within the justice system. If children do not learn how to respond appropriately to others and have no positive role models in their lives, then they will often gravitate (or be pulled in) towards somewhere they feel accepted. Very often this is environments that are not conducive to their positive mental health, and very often they will exhibit violence and aggression learned in that environment. Michael has a high level of training around deescalation techniques as well as conflict resolution, counseling, coaching. The training he has received regarding crisis intervention as well as suicide assessment and prevention is also a key ingredient of his knowledge on parenting skills. Michael has not only cared for other people’s children but has also personal experience of parenting his own child alone. Michael puts all of his experience into this comprehensive parent coaching guide in an attempt to help parents make a positive difference in their children’s lives.


Heather O’Neale, Individual and Couple Therapist, has maintained her private therapy practice since 2013 where she provides therapy with an expertise in addressing depression, anxiety, the impacts of trauma, and relational challenges. Having worked in social services since 2002 in the areas of psychiatry, crisis intervention, non-profit counseling, and community development, Heather brings a wealth of diverse knowledge to her work with people. Heather also brings her 18 years of work experience, as well as her formal education and training, to the classroom as an instructor at the largest university in Manitoba, Canada. In her early years as a therapist she worked extensively with young children and families but over the last several years has shifted her focus to teenagers and adults. Heather has worked with individuals, couples, and families from various backgrounds as well as across the LGB2TQIA+ spectrum. Her use of empathy, humor, and a sincere belief in people’s ability to heal, allows Heather to work successfully with all the people she works with.


The specialized Life Upgrade not only includes counseling sessions for up to 90 minutes, it also offers a full 12-week program designed to give you the education, support, skills and expertise you need to get the most from your parenting. The counseling sessions can be in person or held virtually, which is the preferable course at this moment in time due to the restrictions of the covid-19 virus. You will also receive regular email support. The program is broken down into easy modules and covers just about any situation or challenge you will encounter as a parent. The program includes helps with young children as well as teenagers and will include issues such as; stress management, parenting style, attachment issues, communication, appropriate discipline, parenting children with complex needs. You will receive help and support and once you put that knowledge into practice you can be sure you are giving your children the very best start in life.

The Weekly Modules that you will be provided with that will breakdown how to effectively parent through any challenge that you may have with your child are:

Week 1: Family Check In

Week 2: Exploring Parenting Style

Week 3: Providing a Secure Attachment and Building Connection

Week 4: Learning to Effectively Communicate and Establish a Teamwork Approach

Week 5: Stress Management

Week 6: Teaching our Children about Emotional Regulation and Brain Development

Week 7: Pause and reflect Week

Week 8: How to Effectively Discipline

Week 9: Emotional Intelligence

Week 10: The ‘Scary Teenage Years’

Week 11: Children with Complex Needs

Week 12: Program Wrap Up


If you would like to have more understanding or be able to offer better parenting to your family, then get in touch for your free consultation. Whether you need help with family dynamics, difficult teenagers or couples’ relationship counseling, you will receive expert advice on the best way forward for you. We know how often it takes a final straw to get people to take action, but if you feel you are almost there, email us, we will answer within 24 hours.


My Life Upgrade is not just aimed at parents and couples. If you are an individual and have difficulty with relationships, then you might want to consider My Life Upgrade. This will not only help you when it comes to relating to others, it will also help you understand yourself and your response to others. It can explain how self-esteem and self-confidence were either eroded or were non-existent as a child, and you will discover how to improve it in adulthood. It could be the solution you are looking for to get the most out of your life.

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