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How to Plan My Future

Envision Your Future

By setting clearly defined goals, you can visibly measure the steps you take towards achieving them. You can see your progress in what could otherwise feel like a long, pointless chore. Setting goals can also raise your self-confidence. As you recognize and take pride in your ability to achieve them, you will be able to extend your competence by achieving increasingly more challenging goals.

One standard method of goal setting, as developed by the Project Management Institute, and distributed by Project Smart, is the SMART method. Using this method of goal setting can set up your success.

Specific (well-defined and clear)

Measurable (quantifiable)




While setting goals, be sure to focus on key categories. Begin by making a list of what you want

to “Be,” “Do,” and “Have” in your life. For example:

Before I leave this life, I feel that I want to … (What do you want to do)?

Before I leave this life, I feel the desire to become …

Before I leave this life, I would like to have …

When you make these lists, let your inhibitions go. Let the thoughts roll out. You don’t have to

share this with anyone yet. Put it down in all honesty on the paper. The sky is the limit. Write

your goals out as if there are no limits! This process is best done alone. You need to take the

time by yourself to genuinely get down the things you truly want.

Actual Desires.

Here is an exercise to help you differentiate between fuzzy goals and earnest desires.

Ask yourself these crucial questions and journal your answers so that you can reflect on them

from time to time and update any that have changed:

What will contribute to my happiness?

What will support me in being healthier?

Will it support me in being more prosperous?

Will it make me more secure?

Will it help me build community?

Will it give me better family relationships?

Will it give me more peace of mind?

Will it increase my optimism for the future?

This set of questions will help you evaluate any inconsistencies in the goal-setting process.

My Intention Exercise

For additional clarity on your goals (and your life-purpose), create a Success/Inspiration journal and complete the following three exercises.

Three words that describe my ideal self would be…

Three words that describe my ideal behavior would be…

Three words that describe my ideal qualities would be….

Finally, put these nine words where you are going to see them every single day, at least three times a day, so that you can make sure you are intentionally living by these specific keywords.

Clarity Exercise

As Stephen R. Covey describes in his timeless classic, The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People, begin with the end in mind.

Write about your 10 -year celebration of life party. What do you want to be said about you? Thoroughly flesh it out. This exercise can give you some great clues regarding the areas of growth and change that will be most meaningful for you. Hopefully, this exercise will help you to refine and distill your goals further.

A Powerful Clearing Method

We have to take 100% responsibility for what you have unconsciously drawn into our life, owning that somewhere in your subconscious mind, there are beliefs that contribute to manifesting everything that shows up for you. It is you realigning with the truth of who you are, releasing the illusion of separation from source energy and coming back into the present moment with “a blank slate.” It is you getting back to Zero-Wise, which is a state of being in pure love, thought (ego) free, and mindful of the present moment. Inspiration can flow freely in this space without encumbrance.

The basic idea is to accept personal responsibility for everything that appears in your life. Instead of playing the blame game, you take responsibility. You don’t need to understand your specific role in whatever might be taking place. Just accept the fact that your subconscious beliefs played a part at some level. Remind yourself that you are worthy of love. That love allows you to ask yourself for forgiveness for your part, and to release the events in your life. Accepting total and complete responsibility for everything in your life is the most liberating and empowering thing you can do to begin your transformation process and experience miracles in your life.

No moment is too small or insignificant to use this technique. Use it when a person cuts you off on the freeway. Use it when you are upset about something your boss said. Think of how many small moments we deal with every day and how they affect us. If you have the power to control your state and create a positive or neutral experience rather than negative, then you are maintaining a higher vibrational state which will have an overriding effect on what you attract.

The Way Out

No matter who or where you are, adverse situations are bound to happen during the day. When confronted with such events, this technique will allow you to release trapped emotions associated with them and open yourself up to appreciate the good in every situation.

We live in a world that is driven by beliefs. Beliefs about who we are, what we do, and what we can accomplish. Those beliefs are like programs that are running inside of us all the time.

Think about how computers function. You may be aware of some of the core programs running on your computer, but you are not aware of all the applications running in the background that allow your computer to perform a myriad of functions behind the scene. We have beliefs (programs) running in our subconscious mind all the time. Some we’re consciously aware of (thoughts), but most of them we aren’t. Many of our beliefs don’t support us. But if you’re not aware of the specific belief that is holding you back how do you change it?

The conscious mind is unaware as to what programs are replaying in the subconscious mind, but indications are that there are likely some 11 million programs running per second! The conscious mind does not perform these functions. The subconscious mind acts as the Central Processing Unit and is the key to your self-identity being “made right. The subconscious becomes an ally/ cleansing nonstop even as we sleep.”


Have a great day


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