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How To Stay Competitive in Business – and Win.

How to stay competitive in business is all about you. Nothing else.Thought and mindset are the winning formula, and the only winning formula in todays business world.

Thought is the preamble to everything and your ability to originate thought and mentally move in a thought filled world is your guarantee of a winning life. Your power is omnipresent. As a spiritual being, you have access to everything you will ever want or need to live the life you choose. Your degree of awareness of this truth will manifest as results in your life.

Our index for today.

  • Where is the Danger?
  • Lack Of.
  • Unlimited Supply.
  • Infinite Supply Strategy.
  • This is About You.

When you clearly realize that the creative power within yourself is unlimited, then there will be no reason for limiting the extent to which you may enjoy what you can create by means of it. Your revenues will always be in exact ratio to your service.

U S Andersen said ” Nothing is impossible to the mind. All its guidance and power are available to you. When you have fully realized THOUGHT CAUSES ALL, you will know there will never be any limits that you yourself do not impose.


To stay competitive in business do not let your physical results determine your results. This means do not let your current results be your main thought. Look rather at where you want to finish. Your goal. We must realize that the creative power in ourselves is unlimited. There is no reason for limiting the extent to which we may enjoy what we can create by means of our creative power. Never be afraid of taking more than our fair share. That is not where the danger lies. The danger is in, not sufficiently realizing our own richness and looking upon the externalized products of our creative power as being the true riches instead of the creative power of spirit itself.

If we act contrary to what we really believe we bring in a suggestion of opposition which must necessarily paralyze our efforts and surround us with distrust and want of joy.

Then our true wealth is identifying ourselves with the spirit of opulence. We must be opulent in our thought. Do not think money for it is only one means of opulence. Think opulence, generously and liberally and you will find that the means of realizing this thought will flow to you from all quarters, whether as money or as a hundred other things not to be reckoned in cash.

We must not make ourselves dependent on any particular form of wealth, but we must enter into the spirit of it. Our attention should be directed to the giving rather than the receiving. We must look at ourselves as centers of distribution and the better we fulfill our function as distribution centers the greater will be the corresponding inflow.

Andrew Carnegie said, “Any idea that’s held in the mind, emphasized, feared or revered, begins at once to clothe itself in the most convenient and appropriate physical form that’s available.”


I need, want, wish. What usually comes after those phrases is a better car, more money or a job. If only there were more hours in the day. When we begin our thoughts with these words we are assuming a lack of. Whether it is job opportunities, energy, time or money.

Operating from a basis of lack is commonplace today and does not allow you to stay competitive in business. Many products change our lives. Advertisers work hard to create a need for their product, making sure that the consumer feels inadequate. As a result, we have a large population of people who feel inferior and try to compensate for their “created” deficiencies.

The world tells us that money can buy power, prestige, friends, work, cars and will make us happy. Yet, once we obtain money and things, we often want more and are not happy until we get it. It’s helpful to realize much of what we think we lack, we don’t need. Many times our feelings of inferiority are manufactured and artificial.

Happiness produced by material possessions, other people, or outside sources is fleeting and limited. Things run out. People change. Thought and mindset are the winning formula, and the only winning formula in today’s business world. We must realize that obtaining things does not and cannot lead to true and lasting happiness, satisfaction, or fulfillment.


Our source of supply is unlimited. Thought and mindset fuel your supply of ideas, friends, employment, education, transportation, and income. Understanding this answer and feeling comfortable with this tends to take more work.

There are two ways to live your life. Einstein reportedly said. “One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

You don’t need to look far to find negativity these days. But you can change that — both your belief about the world, and the world itself. This involves contributing positively to the world. Always make a positive difference, every day, with every interaction. Do you always succeed? Probably not. But hold your aim high and give it your best.

To stay competitive in business look for the positivity. Set affirming boundaries in your work and life. Take action to support growth and joy. Show thanks for your blessings. Smile because you have the power to create greatness.

Many times, we magnify the world’s problems while forgetting about all the positive aspects of life that are right in front of us. When you catch your mind drifting to the darker parts of this world, focus on things that make you feel light instead: families playing at the park, a stranger smiling at you, or the person who complimented you on your outfit. The world is only as dark as we make it out to be.


Surround yourself with positive people.

Read inspiring books, download helpful podcasts, watch encouraging movies and follow positive people on social media. Share acts of kindness and create a physical environment of positivity. Positivity is a decision we can make in every moment. Begin the habit of pausing and thoughtfully choosing your response to situations rather than mindlessly reacting.

Look for the good.

We tend to find what we focus on: If you believe things are awful, you’ll find evidence to support that belief; if you believe life is a gift, you’ll find evidence to support that. You will always find people that are helping.

Examine your daily routine.

How do you start your mornings? How do you close out each day? How might you bring positivity into the activities you do regularly?

Replace Negative Habits with Positive Ones.

Develop more uplifting practices. Ditch junk food for more fresh foods. Trade shopping for helping out at the local homeless shelter. Do what makes you feel good. Seek out activities and habits that make you feel that way. Your body is your temple, and it’s vital that you keep it healthy and strong .

Laugh and Hug More Often.

Children laugh 200 times a day while the average adult only laughs 4. The world presents plenty of opportunities to laugh, we just have to take them. Offer people a warm embrace. This reminds us of our true loving nature.

Enjoy Quiet Time.

Turn off your phone and just meditate. Go within, and embrace some solitude. Get away from all of life’s responsibilities for a while.


Most importantly This is about you. You are how you win all the time. Don’t think this is a negative world. Yes, negative events occur; people inflict harm, make poor choices, cause pain. Always look for the good.

It is also a beautiful world filled with promise, opportunity, kindness, generosity, and love. Note the random acts of kindness that go viral. Pay attention to the small groups of people making significant positive change in their communities. Look for examples of helpfulness and contribution throughout the course of your days.

Continue to feed that positive world — like Einstein said, living as though everything is a miracle — and watch life transform accordingly. This is how you stay competitive in business.

“An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you.” – Goi Nasu


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5 Responses

  1. How to stay competitive in business and win provides so much useful information, and I also found it very motivating and inspiring. With COVID-19 do you have any marketing strategies I can try, I am losing money and nothing I try seems to be working right now?


  2. Hi Stephen, and thanks so much for this inspiring post!!

    Your points are so true. I believe we get out of life what we put into it. I personally live out my faith as much as I can, and choose to believe we should live life as though everything is a miracle.

    For myself, happiness comes from helping and that is one of my business goals. Sure, the income is great, but it’s the satisfaction of helping others that make my day.

    I liked your point to laugh and hug more. That’s me in a nutshell. Though this time of social distancing is killing me, lol. But I’m so blessed to be living with our daughter, son-in-law, and two grandbabies. To be able to see them each day, with hugs and kisses, is another of those “miracles”.

    Being successful in business means so much more than finances, and I was happy to read your thoughts on the subject.


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