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How to Work with Your Limitations


Rather than dismissing possibilities so that you can be right, consider what you can
accept so that you can grow. Which would be more relevant to you? Dismissing is a way of deflecting ideas that could help you. It’s often a self-defense mechanism (Ego). If you dismiss a book, an idea, or a method offered to you because you judge the proverbial book by its cover, you may get to be right this time, but you may also miss something life-changing and get to stay right where you are!

Try New Ideas.

Accomplished people typically are hungry for new knowledge and are open to trying new ideas and strategies that can enhance their lives, making them more joyful, purposeful, and fulfilled. Many of them have spent thousands of dollars on personal growth and self-study over the years and have never regretted any of it.

The key is not to dismiss or disapprove, but to digest. Receive the information that’s being offered. Let it in. It may just be the missing piece to the puzzle you’ve been trying to solve. If you find yourself dismissing, you may very well be self-sabotaging the very things you say that you want. Stop dismissing the good things that come your way. Remember that in order to grow you must be open to possibilities.

You are the final authority in your life. Tune in to yourself and do what’s right for you. As you do, be alert to those times when you may be dismissing the next real gift that comes your way.

Manifesting Miracles

Ask, and you shall receive. Let go of your subconscious blocks, and you’ll receive results more aligned with your conscious mind and the goals you’ve set for yourself. So, does this mean if you clear limiting-beliefs you can sit on the couch and wait for what you want to arrive?

Not exactly! You must act. If properly fed and watered, opportunities will come to you that match your desires and intentions. But, if you never take the first step, you won’t see them fully materialize, or may not fully recognize the inspiration. Also, you never know how your intention may be delivered. Just because you set and feed the intention to make a million dollars investing in real estate, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll realize the million dollars from just that one source. For example, as you work on your real estate business, you may be inspired to write a book that goes viral or start a completely unrelated business which effortlessly triples your income. We need to be open and flexible in terms of how we ultimately achieve the goals and intentions we set. We make plans and act on inspiration as it comes. As we act on inspiration, we’re likely to receive more. The Universe is infinite possibilities, and so are you!

We are continually setting limits for ourselves. No matter what you call your higher power, it is limitless and is the inexhaustible source of miracles in your life. If you emotionalize clear intentions and take-action, expect miracles!

How Do I get What I Want?.

You may be asking yourself, what’s keeping me from getting what I want? The answer might sting a little. You are! You may say, “I want great relationships, but I’m too shy,” or “I want a new house, but I’m afraid I won’t keep it in good shape,” or “I want a million dollars, but I don’t think I can handle that much money,” etc. It’s all the “buts'” that stand in your way. You don’t honestly believe you can have it, and the reasons can vary from labels you’ve received during childhood to bad experiences from the past, but they typically boil down to fear. The exact reason doesn’t matter. It’s not even your fault. You didn’t ask to be conditioned for limitation. Remember, it is your responsibility to do something about it. If not you, who? Now that you’re aware, if you choose not to do something about it, then it is on you.

When you make that choice to do something about it, you’ll attract possibilities to help you obtain your heart’s desires.

Many well-intentioned people may suggest that you “just get over it.” The concept conveyed here is that if you’ve had problems or issues that continually get in your way; you should simply decide to immediately change and move on to something that serves you better. Trying to gloss over the issues or pretending they don’t exist is nothing more than denial. The same problem exists with those who say you should merely think positive. While a positive outlook can do wonders for your life, it’s not the answer in-and-of itself. You must still do the sometimes challenging and not so fun work and look within yourself to release the blocks before experiencing real progress.

Just Dig the Weeds Out.

Anthony Robbins explains that covering your eyes as you stand in front of your garden chanting “there are no weeds, there are no weeds, there are no weeds” won’t make the weeds go away. Recognizing and admitting the weeds exist is a critical step to a solution. However, you don’t want to obsess about the fact that weeds are in the garden. Accept the fact that they’re there and then act to remove them. When talking about the garden of your mind, weeding takes the form of clearing exercises.

You do not need to relive your traumatic experiences to move forward. However, you do have to acknowledge that they occurred and recognize the beliefs created because of them. You can fool yourself for a while, but eventually, something will trigger those beliefs, and they’ll come rushing back in full force. Once you acknowledge your beliefs and their origin, you can recognize your reactions and the emotions that are linked to triggers and then choose to create different beliefs.


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