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Immune Boost – Product Review


Immune Boost – Product Review.

Never before has this opportunity been available to the general public. What Is the Neurological Networks Immune Boost program and how does it work.

With the increase in the global population and healthcare advancements, people are living longer. However, the fact can’t be ignored that our environment is changing rapidly. Hence, the need to look after our health and well-being. The need to protect and look after our immune system is now more important than ever.

The outbreaks of serious infectious diseases has impacted the lives of millions. All day sitting at home, covering our mouths, our immune systems are getting weaker and weaker by the day.

While it’s true that there are medicines and treatments available for the diseases, they become ineffective when your immune system becomes fragile. So, what can be done to strengthen our immunity? The first step towards building a great immune system is understanding what it is and how it works. By studying the neurology of the Immune System, you can take action to save yourself and your loved ones from numerous health problems. So, how can you study and protect your Immune System? Neurological Networks – Immune Boost Training Program brings the knowledge of over 70 years of clinical experience in providing you the answer.

In this article, we will uncover each and everything about this course and will tell you if it’s worth buying or not!

What is Immune Boost Training – Course Overview.

Immune Boost Training is a course that is designed to educate people about their nervous system and immune system so that they can strengthen themselves against diseases. Immune Boost Training is a course designed by the well-known Australian based company Neurological Networks. With this program, they teach you how to gain control over your Immune System and how to handle the responses given by it. They call this training program a valuable health investment. And to be honest, we feel the same!

This training program includes high-quality video lectures, quick reference guides, live sessions with expert guidance to help you understand your health and boost your immunity.

This course teaches you the most innovative methods to enhance your health and well-being. It helps individuals to use their  nervous systems to create all new immune responses. When you practice these hands on modules, a brand new set of neurological pathways will be created in your body.

Next, this course will train you how to exercise your Immune system to make it more resilient against virus attacks. More than anything, this course teaches you how you can stay motivated throughout your health and wellness journey. You’ll feel more positive and confident about your health.

Protocol Challenge Cards.

This is new technology. The combination of the Immune System, Nervous System and Frequency Challenge Cards are the new way to power up your Health and Resilience. This simple to apply combination of Protocol Challenge Cards with Immune Boost Neurological Training is a brand new way of breaking down old limiting habitual responses. It’s like building a completely new Immune Response System. A unique experience combining multiple media formats as well as their exclusive Protocol Challenge Cards has never before been available to the general public.

Who is Behind Neurological Networks.


Andrew Verity is an acknowledged international author, researcher and CEO of Neuro-Training and Director in the Government recognized College of Neuro-Training. He has been involved with research and development of the principles of health modalities that have been proven to work efficiently.
Andrew has authored over 38 workshop and training manuals which make up the body of work from which Neuro-Training developed. His diplomas and advanced training are taught in Neuro-Training Colleges in Europe, South Africa, Asia, USA and Australia.

Andrew established the largest Kinesiology clinic in the southern hemisphere and his reputation as a leader in the field of Kinesiology work continues to spread throughout the world today, and so he continues to work extensively as a consultant, adviser and researcher, while managing his busy teaching schedule throughout the world.

His passion is to integrate the principles of human sciences into a working model that can be taught to anyone to help themselves. This has led him to become part of the team at Neurological Networks P/L along with his partner Robert Sher in bringing his work online so everyone can learn of the options they have in creating their own pathways in a crazy world.

Why Should You Complete Immune Boost Training?

The first thing that you need to do in order to boost your Immune health is to know and understand how your Immune System works.

You’ll be surprised to know that our immune system learns to fight diseases and infections when exposed to most environmental conditions. In simple words, it requires challenges or simply triggers such as exposure to germs, dust, dirt, other people and impurities. These things teach our immune system about the environmental conditions we are living in and thus it learns how to respond to these conditions. This is how the human body works!

The problem is, we keep ourselves isolated. We are staying away from exposure to various aspects of our natural environment. We stay inside our homes, avoid meeting people and make sure we are germ-free. This makes our immune system weak and takes away its ability to fight infections and diseases. Simply put, by overly protecting ourselves, we are becoming more weak and vulnerable.

Immune Boost


Now the question, why Immune Boost? The one-word answer is – Neurology! Very few people know the fact that the most effective way to strengthen your Immune System response is by training your neurology. Neurology helps you to create amazing new responses to all the changes in the environment around us. And this is where the Immune Boost Training Course comes into play.

It is the only course that helps you to train your neurology which in turn teaches your Immune System to adapt to the environmental changes that are happening around you. Once your Immune System attains this ability, It’s your for life.


What You’ll Learn?

Immune Boost course content includes advanced techniques that are only known by expert healthcare professionals and medical researchers. With this course, you’ll learn the techniques and methods that are backed by over 70 years of clinical experience.

This course will not only benefit your health, but you can apply these techniques and modules to the health of your near and dear ones.

Here is what you’ll learn :

1.How To Create The Right Context For Immunity.

The first phase of this course will teach you the methods of creating the right context for the Immune System. It helps in strengthening your system and making it capable to deal with the situations happening around you. The first step in this course is creating motivation and awareness!

2. How to Turn Off Auto-Immune Reactions.

Next, you will learn how to turn off or get rid of the auto-immune reactions that trick your mind into believing that everything going around you is fine. When these auto-immune reactions are turned off, your brain starts realising what’s happening around you and how your Immune System is working to cope with it.

3. How To Activate A Powerful Immune System.

The third step is activating your real immune system. This is where the real work starts!

4. How To Turn Up The Natural Biochemistry.

To help the Immune System do its work efficiently and effectively, the course will teach you how you can activate a special liver function (the Kupffer cells) to make sure your biochemistry is turned up.

5. How to Decongest the Liver.

The liver is like a chemical factory inside your body. All the necessary chemicals required by your body are formed here. So, your liver is cleaned and decongested. All the unwanted compounds and infections are vacuumed up.

6. Virus System.

We will direct the attention of the Immune System to clear up viruses. The focus is not to eliminate all viruses but to eliminate the foreign viruses inside us. There are thousands of viruses in us but its a rare few that cause problems because they were originally made outside us. These viruses are easily recognized if we stimulate the immune system to identify and eliminate them. This module gives us a three-pronged attack to make sure we cover all the options.

7. How to Activate Spleen Neurology.

Your Spleen is the part of the Immune System that aims at breaking down the infections related to respiratory dysfunction. You’ll learn how you can involve the spleen in the process of boosting your immunity and health.

8. How to Clean Your Spleen.

The main function of the spleen is to clean the blood and recycle the components that can be used to repair our cells. By activating your Spleen, you’ll be able to improve the quality of your blood and learn to fight the nasty foreign attackers.

9. How To Activate The Lung Immune Responses.

In the above steps, you were learning about how to make your Immune System more effective and efficient. But now, you’ll be joining lung into this process. This will help you to improve your respiratory system.

10. How to Decongest Your Lung.

Just like the Spleen, you’ll learn how to clean and decongest your lungs. Once neurology has been activated, you’ll be able to remove all the harmful toxins and debris out of your lungs. These toxins include numerous harmful bacteria, germs, viruses and other rubbish.

Immune Boost – Course Curriculum.

Immune Boost Course includes teaching in a number of media formats. The course includes a high-quality online lecture series, live sessions, practical demonstration, FAQ sessions and whatnot. And the best part is, you don’t need to be a medical student or scientist to learn from this course. They educate you about your Immune Health in the simplest manner.

Here is what the course curriculum includes :

1.) Online lecture series –  This two-part webinar series covers the progressive use of neurological modules to strengthen your Immune System. Immune Boost gives you a step by step, easily reproducible process of stimulating the Immune System in one of the most powerful ways available to us.

2.) Practical Demonstrations – Each Immune Boost module have ‘How To’ videos so you can see and practice doing the modules. Watch the practice videos and the technical explanations in the lectures and you cannot go wrong.

3.) Immune boost manual – Access all the Immune Boost theory and practical modules using the easy to navigate online manual. Complete with full practical explanations as well as detailed images. This is the ideal supplement to the lectures and demonstrations. Perfect for quick access to all the Immune Boost material from mobile devices or when you just need a quick reminder.

4.) Immune Boost Live Environment – their regular live video presentations cover adaptive immunity and related topics. And don’t worry if you miss a live lecture, they will all be recorded and made available online.

5.) Sessions Include:

  • Ongoing information and updates
  • Q & A sessions
  • Guest Speakers
  • Related Lectures
  • Available for 6 months with our introductory offer.

 6.) Quick Reference Guide – Perfect for when you need a quick reminder of how to do the protocols – short summary of the process with pictures to highlight all the necessary information. Ideal for your mobile devices. 


Immune Boost Course – Pros & Cons.


  • Detailed explanation on each module
  • Expert training sessions
  • On-demand live sessions, Q&A session
  • Easy to understand and practice


  • Price can be an issue for some customers. However, if you  wish to upgrade to their Adaptive Immunity advanced course at any time the price of the Immune Boost Course is automatically discounted.


Immune Boost Course – Cost

The Neurological Networks Immune Boost Training is currently at a special price of $225. It’s a great value for money course that will change your life and health, for good. The strength of this course is shown by neurological networks offering a 1 month money back guarantee.


Final Decision.

Our opening comment was “never before has this opportunity been available to the general public.” We believe that this is a genuine opportunity and one that supports health and well-being for everyone who uses it. Immune Boost is great online training to strengthen and boost your Immune health. It is indeed a great investment that will help you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy despite the rapidly changing environmental conditions. The full program can be purchased here.  

Discount code – as a supporter of myclubsuccess we are pleased to offer you a special discount code to the immune boost program. Just use the code “clubsuccess” at purchase time to claim your discount.


Have a Great Day.




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