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Neurohacker Collective Health Products – Product Review

Qualia Neurohacker Reviews


Qualia Neurohacker Reviews:- In this review, we will talk about the most popular health and wellness products: Qualia Life and Qualia Mind. We will discuss their benefits, pros and cons and will tell if they’re worth purchasing or not!

Qualia Life and Qualia Mind are two of the star products by the growing health and wellness brand Neurohacker Collective. These products have gained much popularity and earned stellar reviews in a short span of time. While Qualia Life is an anti-ageing product, Qualia Mind boasts to provide better mental health. But are these products true to their bold claims? Are these products legit or another money-extracting marketing tactic? Let’s find out!

A Brief About The Company: Who Is Behind Qualia Life and Qualia Mind?

These products are created and launched by a growing health and wellness company known as the Neurohacker Collective. Founded in 2015, it has earned a great customer base over a short period of time. James Schmachtenberger is the proud CEO and Co-founder of the company along with Jordan Greenhall and a few others. They have started with a mission to create the best wellness products and health supplements that are backed by solid scientific research and are developed via unique methodologies.

Neurohacker Collective has a team of some of the most qualified and experienced scientists, doctors and researchers who collectively develop world-class products. What makes them stand apart from others is the fact, rather than relying on chemicals, they focus on natural and safe ingredients.

They have produced numerous health and wellness products till now and have received a positive response from the users. Qualia Mind and Life alone are the two most popular bestsellers.

Qualia Life Review – What Is It?

Qualia Neurohacker Reviews

The short and straightforward answer is, Qualia Life is an anti-ageing product.

If you’re looking for advanced, safe and effective anti-ageing supplements that will help you to make the most out of your remaining years, this product is for you.

According to Neurohacker Collective, Life is an effective anti-aging supplement that is designed to encourage better ageing. Their team of scientists and researchers combined the power of 38 powerful ingredients to increase the energy of your cells which in turn helps you to stay fit and active as you get old. Qualia Life balances out and regulates the ATP and NAD+ along with promoting numerous other processes taking place inside your body.

By increasing and enhancing the cell energy, it helps in increasing your productivity, better sleep, better capacity, enhanced energy levels and maintains overall health.

At first, it sounds too good to be true, isn’t it? However, when we researched about its ingredients and talked to a few regular users, we were surprised to know that this product actually works as per its claims.

Benefits of Qualia Life

Below are some of the main benefits of Qualia Life anti-aging supplement :

  • · Promotes a deep and sound sleep
  • · Boost your energy levels
  • · Reduces inflammation and joint pain
  • · Helps in reducing stress and anxiety
  • · Reduces fatigue and lethargy
  • · Increases productivity

How to Use Qualia Life?


Qualia Neurohacker Reviews

This product comes in the form of capsules. But unlike other supplements, this shouldn’t be taken regularly. As per Neurohacker Collective, you should consume one capsule daily for 5 days a week and then take 2 days off. This increases the benefits while keeping yourself safe from any reactions or desensitization.

Moreover, these capsules shouldn’t be consumed on an empty stomach. You can have it after your breakfast or lunch with 8 ounces of water.

Qualia Mind Review – What Is It?

Qualia Neurohacker Reviews

Qualia Mind is known as a smart drug. It is basically a nootropic, a drug that is designed for improving the functioning of the brain. This product by Neurohacker Collective claims to boost the functioning of your brain, enhance concentration levels, reduce stress and anxiety etc.

Qualia Mind is one of the most effective and trusted nootropic supplements available at present. And we are not saying this, this is what the regular users and scientists are claiming about this product. This is a safe and natural product made from a blend of 28 powerful ingredients including vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids etc. For these reasons, it has gained immense popularity among health-conscious individuals.

Qualia Mind Ingredients

The safe and powerful active ingredients are the reason why Qualia Mind is the most loved products of the users. It contains even more ingredients than the other nootropic supplements and each supplement has a unique role to play.

There are a total of 28 active ingredients in Qualia Mind including natural herbal extracts, vitamins, brain-boosting compounds, amino acids etc. These powerful ingredients improve the functioning of the brain and keep the users mentally fit.

Qualia Mind Benefits

Below are some of the main benefits of Qualia Mind :

  • · Helps in increasing focus and concentration
  • · Improves the energy levels
  • · Offers a lasting energy without any buzz or crash
  • · Offers instant results

How to Use Qualia Mind?

Similar to Qualia Life, this product also comes in the form of capsules. Again, you shouldn’t take these capsules every single day. Consume each tablet for 5 days regularly and then take a 2 days break. This will maximize the benefits and will keep you safe from desensitization.

Are Qualia Mind & Qualia Life Safe?

After thorough research and gathering information from customer reviews, we found that both Qualia Life and Mind are safe products. We didn’t find any reports for their major side-effects, which is a very good thing.

Because Qualia Mind contains caffeine extracts, it may cause a little restlessness which is why it is not recommended to take it within 12 hours of sleep.

However, you should avoid using these products if you’re breastfeeding, pregnant or below 18 years of age. Below are some of the other conditions when the use of these supplements should be avoided:

  • · High blood pressure
  • · Neurological or psychological disorders
  • · Type 2 diabetes
  • · Heart problems
  • · Cancer
  • · Muscular dystrophy
  • · Phenylketonuria
  • · Kidney problems
  •   Liver problems

If you’re suffering from any of the above-mentioned problems or once on the medication for these issues, consult your doctor before taking any supplements.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Qualia Life And Qualia Mind?

There is no product in this world that doesn’t have any side effects. Even the most natural and safe products have negative reactions when taken in the wrong manner. These Neurohacker Collective products are no different. But the good thing is, the side effects shown by these products are very minor and most importantly rare.

Further, side effects vary from Individual to individual. This is because each body is different and hence all of us react to the same thing in a different manner. There can be instances when you might be allergic to some ingredients and the supplement won’t work for you. But this doesn’t mean it will not work for anyone.

For example, Qualia Mind contains caffeine which has some world-famous side-effects like dehydration, restlessness, headaches, anxiety etc. But these can be easily worked around by taking the supplement as per the instructions and in the right manner.

Further, exceeding the doses of Huperzine A and a few other acetylcholinesterase inhibitors for a long time can lead to a cholinergic crisis, which is nothing but a build-up of acetylcholine. This can result in muscular pain, headaches etc.

So, just like any other medicine or supplement, these products should not be overdosed. Always use them as per the instructions and don’t take them without consulting your health expert.Below are some common side-effects of Qualia Mind And Qualia Life :

  • · Dizziness
  • · Fatigue
  • · Heat burn
  • · Lethargy
  • · Muscle pain
  • · Headaches
  • · Sleeplessness
  • · Restlessness

The good thing is, these side-effects can be easily avoided by using the supplements as per the instructions and not exceeding the limits.

Further, before using the products, make sure to read the ingredient list carefully and if you find any ingredient you’re allergic to, ask your doctor before using the specific product.

Qualia Life and Qualia Mind Cost

Qualia Life and Qualia Mind are definitely not one of the cheapest supplements available. They are quite expensive, especially the Qualia Mind which is the most expensive nootropic available at present. However, this expensive nature is justifiable by looking at their unique and effective ingredient list.

One container of each of these products comes with 28 vegetarian capsules at a price of $159. But if you purchase on a subscription basis, you can get these at just $139 which is not a bad deal.

Further, you can get an additional 50% discount on your subscription.

Qualia Life And Qualia Mind: Pros And Cons


  • · Stay true to what their claims
  • · Effective ingredients
  • · Safe to use
  • · Vegan
  • · Free from harmful chemicals
  • · Backed by strong clinical research
  • · Rare side-effects


  • · Expensive

Final Words – Should You Purchase These Products?

Although Neurohacker Collective is a new brand established a few years back in 2015, it has shown a surprising growth within a short span. They are manufacturing some of the most effective and safe health supplements that are backed by solid scientific research. Both Qualia Life and Qualia Mind have shown positive results with very rare side-effects. As per the users, these products actually serve what they claim. So, we definitely recommend using these products. However, consult your health expert before starting any kind of health supplement.

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