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Three Things Holding You Back from Your Life’s Purpose:

Fear: This is the most common reason for not taking action. We may fear we’re not smart enough. Or fear that we’ll be exposing ourselves to ridicule. We might have an extreme fear of failure, so interestingly enough, we create more of the very thing we do not want. We may reason, for example, that it’s better to fail from lack of effort than to fail after “going for it.”

Failing after trying would feel like rejection or be evidence that we aren’t good enough. Since we don’t want to face that possible outcome, we don’t give ourselves the chance to fail or succeed.

Poor Self-Image: Much of this comes from how we assume people perceive us, thereby holding us back from trying to excel.

Not Setting Goals: Some of us feel we don’t have time to set goals, so we do what’s in front of us; without a rudder, never considering what we truly want. We allow life to float in front of us and take it one day at a time. We sacrifice our ultimate dreams for the “bright shiny objects” that come our way each day.

Know What You Do Want

Once you clarify what you don’t want, you’ll have more clarity to plan what you do want. Knowing with clarity what you want helps you to aim your life in the direction you want it to go. If you don’t consciously aim for where you want to go, you’ll go where your subconscious mind believes you should go based on whether those beliefs are supporting you or not.

You become a prisoner of your mind. Being very specific about what you do want in life is the first step in creating a powerful intention. True freedom comes from knowing what you want, without being a prisoner to what you want. You can anticipate obstacles and let nothing deter you from getting back on track. Rather than aimlessly wander with the hope we’ll get somewhere, why not plan an outrageous future!

Think of your planning time as an investment. Research shows that a result of taking time to think deeply about what you want and then planning the steps to get there will save you an average of 4 to 10 hours a week. How would you like to reclaim 4-10 hours a week? How would this unclaimed time affect your quality of life?

Many people become overwhelmed by their carryover list-everything they need to get done that gets carried over to the next day. If we don’t take the time to clarify what we want and put the plans in place, we find ourselves running desperately to keep up every day while falling further behind. We may also find ourselves failing to accomplish our most important objectives, the ones that help us advance in areas that are most important to us.

Letting Go

Letting go isn’t about tossing your intentions to the wind, giving up, or doing nothing. It’s about letting go of emotional attachment to a specific outcome, tuning into inspiration, and then taking inspired action. In other words, you know what you want, you’re doing your best to plan for the achievement of your desired outcome, and you remain open to the accomplishment of your desired outcome, or something better. You’re working toward the objective, but you aren’t

emotionally attached to it. You allow Universal law to do its work without interference from you. Most people put more obstacles in their way than is necessary because they don’t trust their higher power to deliver; they feel compelled to control and thus interfere with the natural flow!

We are human, and in our present existence, unless forced, we don’t usually get moving in new directions. Many of us rattle along life’s highway with our same old thought processes: not doing poorly, but not reaching our full potential. A few people experience what is known as “a catalyst of awareness” through dissatisfaction with life or from a traumatic event. A catalyst of awareness often forces people to view their current beliefs from a new perspective and to evaluate whether those beliefs serve their purposes, empowering them to take control and choose to create the life they want.

Evolving Your Awareness

It’s a unique challenge to explain how awareness evolves in the life of every person. As you begin, you must realize that you don’t know what you don’t know. Your life is a result of what you have been conditioned to believe and perceive over your lifetime, not because you consciously chose your beliefs. To this point, you may feel like life has happened to you. But remember, we are ultimately the creators of it all. Once you recognize that many of your beliefs are self-limiting, it is your responsibility to do something about it.

It’s important to realize that your conditioned programming and subsequent limiting-beliefs are not your fault. You can let go of any guilt, blame, shame, and so on. It doesn’t matter how it happened. That is in the past. A critical step in this process is to recognize the difference between fault and responsibility. While it is true that your beliefs and perceptions are not your

fault, you do not have to be a victim of circumstance. You can take personal responsibility for making the necessary changes to the beliefs that do not support you in achieving the results you desire. By reprogramming limiting beliefs and replacing them with supportive ones, you can accomplish this. But you must show up and do the work.

Many people have the best intentions to change their life. Then the limiting beliefs that created those same life circumstances and challenges they’ve been experiencing show up just as they’ve always done. Then they buy into them as they’ve always done and continue getting the same results they’ve always gotten. They aren’t open-minded and teachable-ready to begin getting a different result.

Believe You Will Receive

A crucial stage of awareness is understanding that you must be willing to let go of emotional attachment to your desire. Needy or desperate energy will keep you from alignment with what you want and will block you from attracting your desired outcome. You must feed your intention with positive emotion while turning it over to a higher power. Believe you will receive and release your desire to control, and then allow the miracles to come to you.

As counter intuitive as this may seem, this step gives you the maximum power to attract things into your life by letting go of trying to control how you allow yourself to co-create with your higher power and deliver your heart’s desires in the easiest and fastest ways possible. If you are emotionally attached to how the process must unfold, you will struggle more than is necessary and block inspiration. Letting go of trying to control everything allows the process to flow as you remain open and receptive to inspiration as to what actions to take to move forward in the direction of your goals.

Know that you have the power to create the life you dream of, and it all starts with your intentions. Now is the time to develop a detailed vision of what you want!


Have a great day.



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