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How to Believe in Money


Does it sometimes seem the world just doesn’t want you to be wealthy? Maybe you know someone who is no smarter than you are, who isn’t better educated, isn’t better looking than you are, but somehow, fortune has smiled on them – or so you believe. While fortune, for some inexplicable reason, does not shine on you! Or so you believe …

Forget about fortune, or reasons – focus on that belief of yours, that someone else has what it takes to be wealthy, but you don’t. Some theories say that if you turned that belief around, you’d have all the wealth you ever dreamed of. Sound too easy? Ah – another limiting belief. It is easy, and if you think it’s not – that’s why it’s not.

Such is the theory regarding limiting beliefs – that the things you believe about money are the #1 reason money comes to you, or doesn’t. Following are six common limiting beliefs, and the affirming belief you can apply instead. Try it! Clearly, fortune does want you to be wealthy. It led you to this article, after all…

1. Another day, another dollar.

This old saying is so lacking in energy. It implies that every day is just like the last – you’ll work, and barely make enough to get by. But people who make money don’t think in such linear ways as one day following another. They have a big-picture concept, and work holistically, instinctively, and linearly as needed.

Replacement affirmation: I am surrounded by opportunity and innovation.

2. Money is the root of all evil.

First, the biblical quote is actually that the love of money is the root of all evil. It’s likely you don’t love money for the sake of money – it’s more about what you could do with it, for those you love, or for worthy causes. Doing good things with money – that’s a far cry from “evil”. Good people with money can make a great difference in the world. You deserve to be one of those people.

Replacement affirmation: Abundance flows to me, and I am generous with my blessings in return.

3. Money can’t buy happiness.

This one is probably true, but misguided. If you hope for money because you want to be happy, it may be that money doesn’t bring you happiness. But – if you want money for the freedom it brings – freedom from others’ claim to your time and efforts, freedom to follow your own dream, and support the dreams of those you care about – money can, indeed, make those things possible. Are you a happy person, generally? If not, money probably won’t make you happier. If you are happy, it’s likely you’ll still be happy with money. You’ll just be wealthy as well!

Replacement affirmation: I am on the road to financial freedom.

4. Money doesn’t grow on trees.

The implication of this one is that making money is complicated, and something few can make happen. It suggests there’s only so much money and not enough for everyone (untrue), and it’s difficult to get. When you believe there’s not enough money, and it’s difficult to get what money there is, well – that becomes your reality. When you believe there’s enough for everyone, and money flows to you easily and freely, your belief lays the groundwork for that dynamic to unfold. So consider choosing to think positively.

Replacement affirmation: Money comes to me easily and effortlessly, and there’s enough for everyone.

5. It’s only money.

Well, yes, it is. But that “only” may not be giving money the respect it deserves in your life. It suggests money isn’t a priority for you. If it’s not a priority, your energy doesn’t draw money, and maybe that’s why you don’t feel there’s enough of it in your life.

Replacement affirmation: Money is an integral part of my life.

6. I’m no good with money.

Really? Well, have you ever had a chance to find out? What’s the harm in trying it? In the next four weeks, notice when you’re accepting any of these six limiting beliefs about money – and rephrase it with the appropriate affirmation, or an affirmation of your own. Change your limiting beliefs about money. After all, you’ve got nothing to lose – and a lot to gain.

Replacement affirmation: I am a money magnet, and money is constantly attracted to me.

Four weeks, that’s how long it’ll take you to change these limiting beliefs, and allow money into your life. Are you willing to commit?


Have a great day,


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