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Set Goals – How you Create the Life you Want


Goal setting is designed to assist anybody in bridging the gap which lies between where you presently are in your life and where you truly want to be.

Demosthenes said “Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises” and Abraham Maslow said “If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life.”

A goal will provide the necessary incentive for you to grow in awareness. All things are possible. Every aspect of your life is a mirror reflection of your own level of awareness. Your awareness is of the power you have, and the desire you have, to change your life. Awareness gives meaning to life. This awareness requires replacing old conditioning, conditioning which is genetic and environmental.

Our contents for this message are:

  • A Goals Purpose.
  • Have a Winning Attitude.
  • Create or Disintegrate.
  • Make your Goals Worthwhile.
  • Advance Confidently.

A Goal’s Purpose

Our conditioning is a multitude of habits that we have collected over time. We all have a host of habits which require replacing. These habits are causing the unwanted results we are currently getting. These habits are stifling our growth. They are negative and destructive.Negative habits if broken and not replaced by positive habits will almost immediately be replaced by another negative habit.

To be successful in replacing negative habits with positive habits you must have a good reason. That good reason is a goal. Whenever you have been successful improving  habits in the past, you have set a goal. The greater the desire to reach the goal, the easier it is to change a habit.

So that you can improve the quality of your life, your goal must be something special. It must be important to you. You don’t have to justify it, not even to yourself. You must want it. When you do select a proper goal, every aspect of your life will improve, because of your increased awareness.

Have a Winning Attitude

We all shape our own life. The shape of our life is determined by our attitude. We all have the ability to control and build attitude. Attitude is a composite of our thoughts, feelings and actions.

Nido Qubein said, ” Your present circumstances do not determine where you can go. They merely determine where you start.”

No matter what has happened in your past you are still deserving of all the good you can possibly imagine. This does not necessarily make you feel deserving. You must cultivate that feeling yourself. You develop or choose your attitude and there is no one that can change it for you. Only you. Your attitude is similar to the steering mechanism in your car – the way it is set determines direction. As the steering is changed or altered, instantly the car changes directions.

The smallest change or improvement in attitude will affect where you will be five years or even ten years from now. Meaningful goals are often the result of small changes in behavior. To step forward into growth you must get emotionally involved with higher ideas that are not in harmony with your present conditioning. The higher idea will cause you to experience uncomfortable feelings. Discomfort.

This feeling of discomfort will cause you to want to step back into safety. Your comfort zone. This will register as self doubt and turn to fear. Proceed to a higher level and the fear will leave you. It always does as the conditioning changes.The ability to build and create your attitude will continually improve the quality of peoples lives. There are many unfinished  jobs awaiting to be brought to life.

Create or Disintegrate

Every expression of life is moving in one direction or another. Nothing will remain as it is. You are either improving the quality of your life or you are taking away from it. The choice is yours. It is a decision only you can make. To make no decision is to make a decision. To live a creative life, goals are essential.

Dissatisfaction with life is healthy. It makes us think of ways to improve it – You will decide on a goal. Every new invention which has improved your life style is the result of someone being dissatisfied with life as it was.

Goal achievers are sincerely interested in improving the quality of their lives. They know it is essential that they have a clearly defined goal or objective they are working toward.To move from where you are to where you want to be, is creative. To do nothing is to disintegrate.

Make Your Goals Worthwhile

The human being is a goal seeking organism. Growth and change were the order of the day from the moment you drew your first breath. You were a proud goal achiever Each accomplishment created a great deal of joy. The same joy can be created every day of your life.

Materialistic goals are wonderful goals. Money and things have the ability to make you comfortable. The more comfortable you are the more creative you are. The wealthier you are the more comfortable you are. You will then be able to create big ideas that will benefit other people who lack the awareness you have developed.

See it and want it. When you are choosing your goal the only prerequisite is: You must be able to see yourself on the screen of your mind, already in possession of the goal, and you must seriously want it.

If you are already consciously aware of how to get whatever it is you want, the objective you have chosen is not a worthwhile goal. You will undoubtedly get it but there is no growth, no increased awareness. The only improvement will be provided by the object you were going after. This is why many people live a shallow existence. They are not living at all. they are dying. Life is growth and the basic law of your being is create or disintegrate.

Advance Confidently.

A goal achiever makes their work count. A goal achiever raises the world’s standard of living. The goal achiever wins the big share of the worlds rewards. The goal achiever is the person who has a  clearly defined goal, has made a list of goal achieving activities for each day and will not permit the “almost’s” to distract them.

Henry Davis Thoreau said ” If a person advances confidently in the direction of their dream, and endeavors to live the life they have imagined, they will meet with success unexpected in common hours.”

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