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Should your Partner be Your Best Friend?


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After a couple of months of being together, it was obvious that the chemistry was great, they both were sure this was the person and he decided, “I am going to marry her”. The communication was excellent, despite their occasional disagreement, they were quick to make up, so their conflicts never lasted more than a few hours.

Your Best Friend

She posed the question to him about being best friends and for some reason, he could not understand why they had to make that part of their relationship official, what does it mean to be best friends?

Your best friend? “Absolutely not,” Dr Helliwell said. “The benefits of relationships/marriage are strong even for those who are littered with outside friends. It’s just bigger for those who consider their spouse their closest friend. Some things in life should be as perennial as the grass, it cannot be negotiated, it has to happen naturally. It is not necessary that your girlfriend should be your best friend…..but if she is your best friend then congrats……if she is your best friend then definitely she will understand you, your feeling towards something or someone, your needs, your love language and almost each and every small thing of you.

What we have discovered, if you enter the relationship expecting that your partner should be your best friend, the relationship could end up failing. The characteristic that a best friend has may lack what should make them eligible for an exclusive relationship.

Can best friends fall in love?

Your Best Friend

Best friends can and do sometimes fall in love, the only issue with that is if the relationship should fail, it is difficult to keep the friendship going. If your partner is pushing to be best friends because of jealousy that will not work either, the insecure partner’s motive is to keep you close for selfish reasons and that is not what friendship is about.

Expectations of Partner and Friends are Different

Your Best FriendFriends and partnership feelings do not always have the same starting point. We know that we have a good friend for whom we cannot even think that we would have a relationship with him because of the partners we have largely different expectations and demands than from a friend.

A friend often covers areas and holes that the partner cannot, or don’t even need to cover because the partner isn’t someone who would have been enough by itself. If a partner could satisfy your every need, then they would be all your friends in one person, in addition to your exceptional lover.

The fact is that the partner is, in a sense, your best friend, and your confidant. However, this friendship is very different, and much about the others stems from a good partnership based on trust.

Compatible Partner

Compatibility means that you get along with somebody very well,” Vikki Ziegler, relationship expert and author of The Pre-Marital Planner, tells Bustle. … Basically, being in a compatible relationship means that you work well together, enjoy each other’s company and have a good time.

These characters do not always lead to best friends but it certainly could lead to a relationship and can be developed for marriage.

Before insisting on your partner being your best friend, just consider that if things do not work out, there goes the friendship, it is just a reality that we should always keep in mind when negotiating this position. There are many successful relationship and marriages that are healthy without the best friend concept, so is calling someone your best friend a myth? It could be because if most of us should look back to childhood, then we can count on two hands the amount of best friends we have had over the years, especially when you live to my age.

Your Best Friend

Your Best Friend


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