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Take Your Life in the Right Direction

To achieve is not just thinking outside of the box. You can take social risks and venture outside your comfort zone and yet still stay stuck on your current level. You may want to network with new people on a new playing field. Consider well your current energy level, your objectives, and the people outside of your existing social network, who can help you rise to a new level. The people around you will influence your focus, energy, and confidence. So, where do you want to be?

Where Are Your Thoughts?

The magnetic force of the Law of Attraction is always at work. You attract what you focus on and feed with emotional energy. Feed lack, you get lack. Focus on how terrible your back feels and you get to keep a bad back. Awareness of what you are emotionally feeding is the key here. There is a need to develop an awareness of your body’s emotional state, which reflects your focus (whether conscious or not).

Discerning Truth from Falsehood.

We live in a world of sound bites. People hear a five-second statement and make all kinds of assumptions-some are accurate, and some are not. For those seeking solutions for challenges in their lives, this is also true. They hear a statement and create a solution in their minds in part based on what they’ve listened to or a misunderstanding of a true principle. Then,

they’re discouraged when things don’t work out the way they planned.

The Law of Attraction has been written about and discussed extensively. The law demonstrates that whatever you focus on consistently and emotionally will be drawn to you. So, in part, it is true. It’s also true that the Universe provides. But note this critical ancillary truth-we hold a myriad of conditioned limiting beliefs that interfere with our ability to align vibrationally with what we want to attract. These limiting beliefs often block you from taking the necessary action to move your life forward in the direction you desire. Acting on ideas and inspiration is vital to the process of attraction.

If you have any doubt, think back to the very beginning of this year. Did you keep the resolutions you made? Did you take clear and decisive action, or did you give it a few weeks and then store the idea away like an old pair of socks? What about that goal to let go of 20 pounds of excess fat? Are you lighter, or are you still wearing your fat jeans? What about the promise you made to your spouse to pay down your debts? Are you richer, with a zero or lower balance on your plastic card, or has your balance grown? If all that was necessary was to have intentions, then you would have reached every single goal you have ever set.

However, you didn’t, did you? They were worthwhile aims, but more than likely, you encountered limiting beliefs along the way that led to feelings of self-doubt and fear, or lack of motivation. The thoughts likely came from the subconscious level of mind. Deep in the subconscious, you expected to fail. This belief sent the message to your conscious mind that there was no point in trying. Since you’ve failed in the past, you’ll probably fail again. Or the more convenient equivalent, procrastination. I’ll start tomorrow.

These are what are known as counter-intentions. Identifying the limiting beliefs responsible for blocks and counter-intentions allows you to rewire the subconscious beliefs that have sabotaged your best intentions time and again in the past.

Threshold of Deservingness

Most people complain that they don’t have enough money. They look at their bills, their wants,

and needs, then their checkbook, and they’re horrified. They often ask themselves:

“How will I pay my bills?”

“How will I feed my family?”

“How will I make more money?”

You may ask yourself the same questions from time to time and experience similar feelings about them. We’ve all been there. You may be there right now. Some people bemoan that the focus of The Law of Attraction, for so many, seems only to be about money or material things. They say it is self-serving or egotistical. Do you hear the cultural programming at work?

“Money is the root of all evil”

“Putting your needs first is selfish”

“Wanting material things is looked down upon and is not righteous or spiritual”

Notice the discrepancy: When you want money, but at the same time, you believe that focusing on it is “bad,” or selfish, then you’re pushing it away. This inner conflict is evidence of limiting beliefs at work beneath the surface.

Some of the very people who use the Law of Attraction to accomplish a goal, attract only so much money before they begin to think they are selfish. At that point, they unconsciously turn off the flow and wonder why it stopped.

It’s a strange thing to witness. People worry, fret, and scramble to find the money. Then, when they learn how to attract it and get some, they often complain that wealth isn’t spiritual or “good” for them. Why was the idea of more money “good” when they didn’t have it, but somehow became “bad” when they finally did? All of this is because of people’s beliefs. They will

hit their “threshold of deservingness” because they didn’t believe at a subconscious level that they deserved more than what they had.

Changing Your Threshold

Many self-help authors and thought leaders create products and services with the intent to help you achieve your goals. When your mindset is open, you thank them for their services. When your mindset is closed, you say they are just trying to sell you. Well, are they selling or are they serving?

Your perspective depends on your beliefs. It depends on your threshold of deservingness. If you think they are taking advantage of you, you call it selling (because you believe selling is “bad”). If you think they are helping you, you perceive it as serving, because you believe that being of service to others is “good.”

Again, it’s all about beliefs and particularly your belief about what you deserve. Limiting beliefs create a threshold that will block your abundance and prosperity until you release it and rewire a new empowering belief. Your life can be truly amazing, but often we hit a comfort level and won’t go past it. Why? Because of limiting beliefs.

Rationalizations or criticisms about yourself or others can be deceiving, but the result is that you
limit yourself and your achievement. If you tether an elephant’s hind foot to a stake when they’re young, they’ll attempt unsuccessfully to break free for a time, however, after coming to the acceptance of failure to break free, they stop trying. Years later, when the elephant is full-grown and could easily break free, it won’t even try. It believes it can’t. It has a limiting belief from a young age that keeps it enslaved. We’re all not so different. We all have a multitude of limiting beliefs. These beliefs disempower and enslave us, just like the elephant. We have the potential to do so much more than we think is possible for us, if we recognize and get clear of the beliefs that bind us.

Often, school buses are equipped with an electronic device that restricts the top speed at which they can travel called a governor. The restriction is there to keep bus drivers from driving too fast, putting children at risk. Many high-performance cars sold in various countries around the world have governors installed as well. The device keeps the vehicle from performing at peak capacity. It would seem counterproductive to make a high-performance sports car, and then intentionally throttle its capabilities. Can you see the parallel with your limiting beliefs and how they’ve held you back and kept you from performing at the level you desire and are truly capable? Now that you’re aware, you can begin to remove your governors and release your limits of achievement in all areas of your life.

Once you get clear of these destructive obstacles, there are no limits to what you can accomplish in your life. The only limits we ever have are self-imposed based upon our current understanding of the dynamic creators we all are, and that keeps changing as we keep raising the bar on what’s possible.

Know What You Don’t Want

There are times when it is challenging to articulate what we want-but we’re crystal clear about what we don’t want. Clarity is a gift. Having life’s contrast reflected for you to gain clarity is one way that the Universe brings us closer to our life purpose. How would we know where we want to go without all the evidence of where we don’t want to go? Undesired events, moments, and feelings give us the contrast we need to get crystal clear on what it is we do want. Once we’re able to identify what we don’t want, we can turn our thinking around and begin to identify and commit to what we do want.


Have a great day.



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