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What Is Clickbank?

If you have looked at working from home or making a living online you will probably have heard of Clickbank. If this is your first dive into working from home, then you may not know it exists. Clickbank has been around since 1998, so it has a solid foundation. Clickbank is an affiliate marketplace that ranks as the 87th largest retailer online in North America and it has more than 6 million clients worldwide. Wherever you live, you can sell your course on Clickbank or you can sell a course from Clickbank as an affiliate and earn money from it.

Clickbank University

Clickbank University is a course that has been created by Clickbank to help their customers both create courses and sell them. This means you can make money both as a vendor (creator of a course) or an affiliate (seller of a course). Cool! This is great because some people are better at selling and others are better at writing or creating, so it will help you find your niche if this is your first time working for yourself.

What Is Clickbank University?

There are three parts to Clickbank University:

Part 1: How to make money as a vendor (creator of products).

Part 2: How to make money as an affiliate (selling other people’s courses and products).

Part 3: How to generate traffic for either of these processes.

Vendor Training

The first part of the training delves into the world of product creation. It is a 12-week plan (although of course you can cover it more quickly, especially if you are not new to this area). This training takes you right from the beginning (how it works) to how to scale up your success. It will help you identify your niche, how to create a product that actually sells and how to get it on Clickbank.

It also teaches how to create joint venture relationships (working with other product creators). There are many other elements covered by the course.

Once you have worked methodically through the plan, you will have a firm foundation on which to build. Once you have completed part 1 you will be able to create a quality product that people will want to buy (and affiliates will want to promote) and you will have the knowledge to be able to launch it on Clickbank. The next thing you will need to do is get traffic, and part 3 has you covered for that!

Affiliate Training

Part 2 covers everything you need to know as an affiliate. This means you can market your own product (if you have created one as a vendor) as well as products from other people. This part of the course is 8 weeks long and covers the essentials from how to understand affiliate marketing to writing the perfect follow-up email and email swipes that convert to sales. It also shows you how to scale up and expand your affiliate empire.

Generating Traffic

Part 3 is essential training as it will teach you how to generate traffic to your product or affiliate offer.

How To Section

Clickbank University realizes that people from all walks of life are considering their options, especially with covid-19 making many people re-evaluate their income. This is why they have a dedicated area that will help teach you skills if you have no knowledge of them. This covers things like:

Setting up custom domains with GoDaddy.

Recording sales videos.

Setting up funnels.

Outsourcing work.

Will I Make Money Straight Away.

I know everyone wants to make money immediately, but the truth is it takes time, effort and application to build the right groundwork before you will start making a proper income. So, if you think Clickbank University will be able to cut out all of the learning and application of that learning, you should walk away now. This is not a get rich quick scheme, it is a valuable learning tool designed to be taken in steps to get you to a stable point where you have the knowledge and skills to be able to work for yourself. By applying the learning in a methodical and structured way you will find yourself with your own business in a very short space of time. You will be able to go at your own pace and apply your learning as you go.

Why Clickbank?

There are numerous established vendor and affiliate sites on the internet so why should you choose Clickbank? As an affiliate this is a great platform as you will be able to get started selling products straight away. You will not have to wait to be approved as an affiliate. You will just need to create an account, get your selling link and you are good to go. Many other affiliate sites have to approve you first and that can be time consuming, as people are all in different time zones and not only that, many vendors are often offline, so getting approved can take weeks or even sometimes you will never receive a response at all.

Is It Affordable?

Clickbank University is a quality training program priced at just $47 per month. There are up sells, although you do not need them as there are free versions of video editing software and funnels (etc) available, but you will need to research them. For the price you will get:

MP4 easy to follow training videos.

Downloadable resources.

Live Q&A Sessions (invaluable!).

Access to previous live recorded sessions – covers many topics including autoresponders, opt-in pages,

GDPR, scaling advertisements, promoting, Instagram, Facebook.

Members Forum

Is There A Guarantee.

Clickbank always guarantee a refund if their product or another product sold through their site does not meet expectations, so rest assured you are covered. However, the training is solid and extensive.


Rock and Roll.

If you are looking to start an online affiliate or product creation business, then Clickbank University can really help. This course will give you all the skills and knowledge you need.


Have a great day.


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