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What Would You Love – Define Your Dream

Oprah Winfrey said “The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.“. You can create in your mind whatever life you would love to live. There a 3 main steps to learning what you love – defining your dream:

  1. Create with clarity a specific dream.
  2. Decline to stay discouraged.
  3. Be more interested in growth than comfort in service of your dream.

Connect with your dreams and begin to accept your thoughts and ideas as viable possibilities in your life. Consider how different your life would be if you believed in yourself more and lived your dream by refusing to give up.

Learn to give yourself space to imagine the possibilities of what you would love for every area of your life, no matter what your current circumstances are. We all have the capacity to break free of the conditions in our life that are not in alignment with our dream. All we have to recognize our true ability, define our dream and then do what we would love.

Our contents today are:

  • A Crystal Clear Vision.
  • Think Strategically.
  • What to Avoid.
  • Dare to Dream.

A Crystal Clear Vision.

Many people want their dream to be perfect before they act. Procrastination then kicks in. We then revert back to what we know is most comfortable. Making a decision to dream big can be daunting. Our life will be either created out of the design we choose or out of default through our old pattern of thought. It is then to our benefit, to choose a life we would love. Life is always seeking a freer more expanded expression of itself by means of you.

There are four areas in your life that define your dream.

  1. Health and Well-Being
  2. Love and Relationships.
  3. Career
  4. Time and Money.

Never measure a big idea. Just see how you can make it work. Believe in it and be teachable. Life is creative. Let it happen.

Think Strategically.

It is not your business to know just yet how it will all happen. It is your job to select good seed, nurture the soil and water it.

Allow yourself to explore, what it is, that life is saying to you. Then open up to imagining what you would love and picture yourself living that life. Write your dream down.

The most important thing about having a dream, is having one. Once we have a dream we need to determine if the dream is worthy of us to put our energy into it. Make sure your dream:

  1. Gives you life.
  2. Is in alignment with your core values.
  3. Requires that you grow.
  4. Is one that you need help from a higher power to create
  5. Has some good in it for others.

If your dream makes you happier and more fulfilled as you imaginably live it, then the dream is worthy of you. When your dream is in alignment with your core values and you are commitment to manifesting it, it will be stronger than ever. Your dream requires that you expand into a larger dimension of yourself.

Your dream will be beyond knowing how to bring it about. Your dream will be exploring the unknown aspects of who you are. Your dream will build you. If your dream is out of alignment with what truly matters to you there is a high possibility of being taken off course. Take 5 minutes to write down your core values.

Listen and follow. Ask questions about how you get bigger results. Be in harmony with the laws of life. Question any discontent. Look for ideas to change and let the change be part of your dream.

The most important thing about having a dream, is having one.

What to Avoid

Nothing is “a piece of cake.” There is work to be done and ongoing. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much time and energy you put into something you just do’don’t seem to be going forward. You will be asked to step outside your comfort zone. Thoughts without judgment will disappear. Persist and never give up.

It is easy to focus on what you don’t want rather on what you do want. This is easy because what you don’t want is easy to achieve or you already have it. Over time, you have collected beliefs about how the world works and what you think you deserve. These beliefs can be very powerful and reach out to you when you try to move outside your comfort zone. This will stop you from achieving and allow you to revert back to your old ways.

Your thoughts easily allow you to create fear, doubt and worry. This is part of the experience. Your dream does not extinguish these feelings. It allows you to be aware of those feelings and allows you to choose what ones you continue to work with to achieve your dream and goals.

Learn to respond and not react to all situations. Each circumstance is what it is. Responding gives you time and invariably in that time the solution has been found or the situation no longer exists.

Dare to Dream.

Soren Kierkegaard writes, ” Our life always expresses the results of our dominant thoughts.” and Stephen Covey wrote “Develop your imagination – you can use it to create in your mind what you hope to create in your life.”

Dare to dream. Sometimes we disconnect from our dreams and treat them more like fantasies. Believe that you can truly manifest your dreams and overcome your fears doubts and worries. Think how different our lives would be if we believed more in ourselves and refused to give up.

Turn your attention to what you would love. At this stage you do not have to know how it will all work out. We all have the ability to break the conditions in our life that are not in alignment with our dream. All we have to do is recognize our true power. There is so much more in you, and for you, than you have ever known.


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16 Responses

  1. Interesting and compelling, that’s what I think of this article in a nutshell. You make really good points here I must say. I firmly believe that we can realize our dreams but we need to first define what that dream is. I think it has to be definite as it can prove to be more effective that way. We have to realize that our thoughts make up our worlds and then take advantage of that idea. Great post 

  2. I must tell you this are things you don’t see everywhere, most people are just writing on how to make money, they forget that having money is not all-important as dreams. Oprah Winfrey has thought me a lot over the years and I am so grateful. thanks for the tips it would be of great help to us all 

    1. Thank you or your interest Feji. Money is only part of our dream, but it also helps us achieve a lot more of what we want to do.

      Have a great day


  3. Superb article. I read lots of self-improvement stuff and this was a bit different than other stuff. This is a very relaxing type of motivation. I like your quotes too

  4. Very thought-provoking subject. You use great quotes. I found the writing to be very smooth, easy to read. I can honestly say I was inspired to look at my ambitions a bit more seriously. I like the fact that your approach is not high pressure. You have a very encouraging site.

    1. Hi Rachele. Great that it was of assistance. Sometimes I find that if you are to aggressive/high pressure you miss all the subtleties that are part of your growth. It is important to let it happen.


  5. It was good to read your article. I firmly believe that unless we know what direction we want to go in, it will be difficult for us to ever arrive at our destination.
    Travel is one of our goals, as we have more time to allow us to do that. We have many friends who live at various places across the globe. That of course requires the finances to make that dream a reality. With a computer and an internet connection, that dream should become a reality more easily that it was in the past!

    1. Thanks Carolyn. If travel is one of your goals and you maintain your focus/thoughts on travelling, inevitably you will travel. The finances will come.


  6. Hey, Your guide on dream is very awesome for me. There you lots of things really happens with me as described by you in your article like Many people want their dream to be perfect before they act. Earlier I think so but my mindset is totally changed. I know if we put over efforts in positive direction then we will 100% goes near to perfect. I love my dreams very much and enjoy them. Soon I hope all will be fulfilled. Thank you for motivating me.

    1. Harish, thank you for your kind thoughts. Change is imperative to achieve your goals. Hold fiercely onto your dreams and enjoy them when they happen.


  7. Hello , I enjoy a lot while reading your guide on what you love, define your Dream. I found it very useful for everyone like me. I recently started working in online world with some positive dreams. I know positive thinking will drive me towards my dream and I will definitely reach their. Now I written my all dreams on a paper. I read them on daily basis and they gives me some extra energy. It helped me to achieve my goals easily. I hope everyone will be able to achieve their realistic goals.

    1. Hi Parveen. thank you for the feedback. Dreams do come true. Repetition, reading them out loud until they are in bedded in your subconscious mind is a great way of achieving your goals. Keep up the good work.


  8. I guess everybody just wants to be happy. “Happy” is a subjective thing, so it comes down to something really personal. The most blessed lives have always been those that lived for the good of others. It happens over and over again. It is the people that find joy in giving the ones that receive the most.

    Thanks a lot for encouraging us todo much more; to take action toward our best version of ourselves. Thanks for inspiring us to do more and do it more often. Thanks for a great post!

    1. Juan, thank you for your feedback. Stay on track. You have to give unconditionally first, before you receive.

      Have a great day


  9. This article was thought provoking for me. I have been doing A LOT of self-introspection/self-improvement work over the last 2 years or so and I am still having so much trouble creating a clear vision of my dreams. I liked the reminder you had about ensuring that your dreams are in alignment with your core values. I think I need to revisit and define my core values. Thanks for the reminder!

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